The Craziest Laws on the Books in Western Countries

Though most countries do a decent job of cleaning up their laws to fit the times, they don’t always get things right. Here are the strangest laws that still exist around the world. 

It’s Not Theft If…

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France has a law stating you can’t file a theft complaint against a direct relative or spouse. Apparently, they haven’t realized that parents steal from their kids all the time. 

Follow the Bees

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Germany allows beekeepers to trespass on private property if they’re searching for their wayward hive of honeybees. 

Enjoying the Fruits of Private Property

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Finnish law states everyone can enjoy the natural beauty and resources of private property if they’re not destroying it for others. Citizens can forage, fish, hike, and ski on private lands if they leave them in good condition. 

Singing in the Streets

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Belgium allows anyone to sing or play an instrument in the streets without fear of a “keeping the peace” fine. One city will fine you if you’re off-key, though. 

You’ll Still Get Paid

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In Canada, an elected official can move out of the country and do literally nothing while still earning a stipend for their time in office. 

Civil Asset Forfeiture

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In Many US states, the police can just take your stuff if they have “probable cause” that it was used in a crime. And since property doesn’t enjoy the same rights as people, they can usually keep it indefinitely without a fair trial. 

Prison Break

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Many countries don’t have any laws against escaping from prison. Some think it’s perfectly rational that an imprisoned person would want to escape. There’s no law about attempting escape, but you can’t do anything illegal while making the attempt. 

Free Parking

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England has few laws helping property owners maintain their parking spots. Anyone can park on private property without permission, and the property owner can’t do anything to move it. 

Child Marriage

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Most Western nations scoff at the idea of a young teenager marrying an adult man, but not the United States. Only 10 States completely ban child marriages. In states without laws, girls as young as 12 can get married off with parental consent. 

No Speed Limit

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Germany’s Autobahn is well known for lacking a speed limit. One rich dude raced down the road at over 400 kilometers per hour! That’s about 250 MPH for Americans. 

No Drinking Age

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European countries didn’t go through the puritanical prohibition stage, so they don’t have the complicated relationship with alcohol that the US does. Many European countries don’t even have minimum drinking ages, while others allow kids as young as 16 to buy beer in bars. 

Here’s Your Tank

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It’s completely legal for Swedish citizens to own and operate their very own tanks. 


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Many countries prefer to treat addiction as a health issue rather than a criminal issue. In Portugal, nearly all drugs are decriminalized, meaning it’s not illegal to have them for personal use, but it is illegal to sell them. 

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America has a horrific work culture designed to enrich the ruling class at all costs. 

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