Just Cause Something’s Tradition, Doesn’t Make it Good – Here are Outdated Traditions We Wish Would End

Beloved traditions get passed down from generation to generation. They create a culture and offer us a feeling of belonging.

Traditions Don’t Equal Good

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Traditions achieve a status of reverence, and sometimes we continue them only because they’ve been passed on. We don’t have to keep doing stuff just because we’ve always done it.  

These traditions need to be retired. 

Animal Fighting

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Dog fighting, bullfighting, cock fighting, and other variations of needless animal fighting should stop. 

Bullfighting was mentioned again in the thread, with one user saying, “90% of the population of Spain has never been to a bullfighting spectacle. If the government stopped subsidizing this barbaric practice, it would disappear in a couple of years because it is economically unsustainable.”

Smashing Cakes

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Why do we need to celebrate special events with cruelty? What’s the point of smashing a cake into someone’s face?

Expensive Funerals

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People pay outrageous sums for funerals. 

“My uncle’s funeral was $15k. Wake, mass, coffin, burial. Nothing fancy,” said one user, lamenting the cost. 

Forced Marriage

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In this day and age, no one should be forced to marry against their will. However, forced marriages are too common in many parts of the world and occur in the US more than you want to believe. 

Extravagant Weddings

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Dream wedding marketing tricks blissful couples into forking out ridiculous amounts of cash for a single party. 

Family Vloggers

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Some Redditors pointed to a new tradition: family vloggers. These folks come to Youtube to showcase the trials and tribulations of parenting. 

One said it’s akin to “Exploiting their children en putting them on the internet for all the creeps to see.”

Underage Brides

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Marrying minors is still legal worldwide, and even in many US states. Politicians have blocked numerous attempts to raise the legal age of marriage


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Green grass looks great, but it’s a water hog and takes a ton of upkeep. 

“I love my lawn but grass that has to be maintained is kinda dumb,” said one user. 

Celebrity Worship

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Celebrities are the new royalty. People stalk their Instagrams, follow the tabloids, and obsess about every aspect of celebrity lives. 

Although some users said they’d love to see this tradition end, others pointed out that it’s less of a tradition than we’d like to think.

“It’s human-nature,” they said. “Even people that don’t think they do this do it to some level.”


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US Redditors said they’d love to see tipping go away as it has in most European countries. 

Tipping culture in the States is highly divisive. Service workers love it, as they make far more in tips than they would make working for minimum wage. 

Black Friday Shopping

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The tradition of trampling each other to save money on tvs after a night of thanks is a distinctly American one that some Redditors want to see disappear. 

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Allowing Legal Scams

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