Why Everyone Hates the Men’s Rights Movement: How To Shift Attitudes About Men’s Justified Complaints

Women collectively cringe when someone brings up the Men’s Rights Movement. It’s become a farce of a movement, subject to ridicule and disgust from outside circles. 

Why Does Everyone Hate the Men’s Rights Movements?

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You’d think a movement wanting equal rights for everyone would gain public support, but the Men’s Rights Movement gets the opposite. 

Here are the common complaints against Men’s Rights Advocates (MRAs) and their movement. 

It’s Only Brought Up Against Feminism

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Women cringe when MRAs enter their spaces, and for good reason. A woman will bring up a serious issue, like domestic violence against women, and the MRA will swoop in to hijack the conversation, whining that men are abuse victims, too. 

No one denies that men are also abuse victims, but why do you ONLY bring it up when women talk about their experiences?

Men Don’t Do The Work

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Many women feel the answer lies in the fact that men don’t want to do the work of preventing male abuse. They bring it up in feminine circles because they want women to work for them instead of focusing on women’s issues. 

MRAs will lament the lack of resources for men, ignoring that women were the primary driving force in creating the abundance of resources available for women. If men want the same resources, they should do the work to create them rather than complain that women aren’t doing it for them. 

The Leaders are Clearly Misogynistic

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The real problem with MRA’s is its heroes. They elevate misogynistic voices like Ben Shapiro and Andrew Tate, looking to these terrible men as symbols of masculinity. 

There are millions of men out there who embrace positive masculinity and showcase how men and women can work together for equity, but the MRAs ignore them, instead celebrating the ones who want to push women back into oppression. 

It’s About Maintaining the Status Quo

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When you look deep into many MRA circles, you find that they don’t care about men’s rights. They want to maintain the status quo, where men sit comfortably at the top of the social hierarchy. 

They don’t want to help men; they just want to keep women in their place. 

Others Still Have it Worse

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Although men face many societal problems, they refuse to admit that others still have it worse. Whether it’s a lack of empathy or an inability to see the world beyond their own experience, many men refuse to acknowledge the harsh reality women and minorities face daily. 

It’s hard to take MRAs seriously when they only want to focus on helping the people already atop the social hierarchy to the detriment of everyone else. 

Many MRA Complaints Justified

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MRAs are justified in many of their grievances. Men are losing ground in education and personal finance. They’re at higher risk for homelessness, addiction, and taking drastic measures to end their suffering. 

There’s a stigma against men in many industries, such as childcare and nursing, and society still limits men’s interactions with children. 

How To Shift Attitudes Against Men’s Rights Advocates

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MRAs face ridicule because they’re fighting the wrong fights. They’re fighting feminism to preserve the patriarchy when it’s the patriarchy that actually leads to their woes. 

Here’s how men can do better in advancing better rights for themselves and everyone else. 

Ditch the Rhetoric

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A crucial problem with MRAs is the vitriol against women and feminism. Stop blaming women for society’s ills; they didn’t cause it. 

Look instead to the systems that prevent men from enjoying careers as teachers or stay-at-home parents. Ignore the voices trying to blame anyone else but the system. 

Advocate for Men’s Issues Outside of Feminism

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Many women deride MRAs because they only see the groups complain about feminism. The movement seems like a backlash to feminism rather than a campaign to improve the lives of everyone. 

The Men’s Rights Movement would be taken seriously if people saw advocates working in support of their goals rather than against feminist ideals. 

Take Action in Support of the Cause

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A common complaint against MRAs is that they only want to complain about the system; they do nothing to change it. 

Be the change you want to be rather than expecting women to do the work for you. A common complaint is the lack of Men’s shelters, so start organizing, collecting donations, and working to build one. 

Yes, that’s hard, but you can also do smaller things in your daily life to effect change. Stop ridiculing men who stay home with their kids or present in “unmanly” ways. Stop complaining that you never get compliments, and start complimenting your friends regularly. Small changes can create giant shifts in culture. 

Fight to Help Everyone Gain Equity

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Many MRAs fail to realize that a bulk of their problems stem from the patriarchy, and equality for all would go a long way in righting those wrongs. 

Men can stay home without ridicule when women are no longer the default parent and caretaker. Men don’t have to be stoic providers; they can be quiet artists. There’s no women’s or men’s work; it’s all people’s work. 

If everyone were truly equal in society, many of the MRA complaints would melt away. 

Stop with the “Girly” Labels

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Men share the weirdest things they’ve been called “girly” for enjoying. The idea that some activities are “manly” while others are “girly” plays into the societal roles MRAs and feminists both want to dismantle. 

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