Hobbies that Instantly Make Other People Dislike You

Enjoy your hobbies, but know that some hobbies raise red flags for others. People immediately lose respect for you if they find out you engage in any of these hobbies. 


Blank warhammer supplies and tools on a green and white grid.
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What’s supposed to be a fun game morphed into a soul-consuming pastime. People who casually plan and collect are fine, but those who let it seep into every aspect of their life get scary. 

Gym Influencers

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Their hobby is going to the gym to take pictures of themselves at the gym. Some users say the most popular influencers in the niche are the most dangerous because many likely use performance-enhancing drugs but will never admit it. 

Polo Players

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One user said they live near a polo field, and every player is a giant jerk. They also claimed the horses seemed scared, which makes the sport even worse. 


Torso of a man holding a bible pointing to the pages with one finger.
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Religious? That’s great! Believe what you want. However, if you’re favorite hobby is trying to get others to convert to your religion, you may struggle to make real friends outside that religion. 


man making an angry face while holding a video game controller
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Streaming a business is one thing. Some folks dedicate a lot of time and energy to building an online presence around gaming, and those folks are legit. 

However, dudes who call themselves “streamers” but refuse to do the work necessary to build the business are typically lazy jerks. They use “streaming” as an excuse to sit around playing games all day. 

Questionable Collections

magnifying glass hovering over a few insects in a collection.
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People are going to dislike you if you’re obsessed with weird history. No one wants to know about your collection of serial killer memorabilia. 

Politics is Life

model politician with assistant talking to journallists.
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It’s one thing to be politically active. We should all engage in making our communities better. However, some make their political views their entire personalities. 

It doesn’t matter what side you’re on. If you make everything about politics, people won’t like you. 

Vehicle Mods

Grey sport sedan modified to go faster.
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We don’t even have to meet folks with modded vehicles to hate them. The obnoxiously loud modifications do the job for us. 

Hobbies That Take Over Your Life

woman obsessively reaching out as if she's trying to grab something that doesn't want to be grabbed.
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One user said the problem isn’t the hobby itself, it’s when a particular hobby becomes your entire personality

Any hobby can be problematic when people take them so seriously that they can’t engage with anything else. 

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