When Truth is More Terrifying than Fiction: Horrifying Facts To Keep You Up At Night

The world is truly a scary place. We ignore many weird, terrifying things out there because we’d be in a constant state of panic if we stopped to think about them. 

Here are some horrifying yet true facts about the world we live in. 

Coral Reef Depletion

Tropical fish swimming around a bright coral reef.
Photo Credit: Goinyk Production via Shutterstock.com.

Our lush coral reefs showcase the terrifying truth about our oceans: They’re dying. 

Half the world’s reefs have died in the last 30 years, and ⅔ of the biggest reef has experienced coral bleaching. 

Snail Parasites

A snail crawling on green leaves.
Photo Credit: Zebra-Studio via Shutterstock.com.

Even common garden snails host deadly parasites. Nearly 200K people perish every year due to parasites they acquired from some type of snail or snail mucus. 

Wash your veggies. 

The Number One Cause of Death for Pregnant Women

Shocked pregnant woman lying in bed.
Photo Credit: Fabiana Ponzi via Shutterstock.com.

Pregnant women face many challenges, but their top concern should terrify everyone. A leading cause of death among pregnant women is domestic violence. Pregnant women are 8 times more likely to perish at the hands of their partner than non-pregnant women. 

Mass Extinction

a dying bee laying on a dark burnt ground.
Photo Credit: RHJPhtotos via Shutterstock.com.

The Earth is undergoing a mass extinction event, only the 6th in our planet’s history. A mass extinction event is defined as the loss of over 75% of the world’s species. 

Prion Diseases

A graphic image illustrating what a prion would look like if we could see it.
Image credit: ibreakstock via Shutterstock.com.

Prion diseases, like mad cow disease, are nearly impossible to treat. Prions are misfolded proteins, and if one overtakes your body, there’s nothing you can do. 

Many people in the UK have dormant prion disease from outbreaks in the 80s and 90s. 


A mosquito on skin at sunset so the mosquito and skin look like dark silhouettes.
Photo Credit: mycteria via Shutterstock.com.

Mosquitos are the deadliest animal on the planet. They’re essential vectors for some of the most devastating diseases known to man, such as malaria. 

Climate Change

Dead dried out trees on a beach to represent climate change.
Photo Credit: Stephen Bonk via Shutterstock.com.

It’s far easier to ignore climate change than face the horrifying truth. Climate change is real, and although we don’t know the full effects, we’re already seeing the first impacts with increasingly severe weather, droughts, floods, and wildfires. 

It’s not going to get better. 

Antibiotic Resistance

Woman shopping at a pharmacy.
Photo Credit: Gorodenkoff via Shutterstock.com.

The antibiotics we use to treat infection are slowly becoming ineffective as diseases gain resistance. If we don’t keep up, more and more “treatable” diseases will become life-threatening again. 


Man with a tv head playing puppet master to a group of smaller people with tvs for heads.
Photo Credit: Marko Aliaksandr via Shutterstock.com.

We typically think of psyops (Psychological Operations) in wartime efforts, but Americans are blasted with psyops campaigns constantly via social media and the news. It’s endless. 

Lost Weapons

An unsure confused man wearing a white t-shirt scratching his head.
Photo Credit: ViDI Studio via Shutterstock.com.

You’d think people would have accountability for all nuclear weapons, but that’s not the case. The world “lost” a few, and no one knows where they might be. 

Trump Regains Presidency

Donald Trump giving a speech with the American flag as a backdrop.
Photo Credit: Evan El-Amin via Shutterstock.com.

The 2024 election is creeping up, and many Americans fear the worst: Trump will once again ascend to the highest office in the land despite his many pending criminal cases. 

Many fear that a second Trump presidency will destroy America as we know it. The first nearly did. 

Suffering Needlessly

A homeless person sitting on the street holding a sign as pedestrians walk by.
Photo Credit: Ground Picture via Shutterstock.com.

The world is full of bounty. We could solve the climate crisis and provide enough for most people to live in relative comfort, yet we choose not to because ignoring the suffering is more profitable. 

Human greed is the real culprit. 

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hands holding an empty wallet to represent poverty
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