Top Destinations Women Refuse To Revisit

Travel breaks barriers and offers us unique perspectives on different cultures and ideas. However, not all travel experiences are positive. 

A user in the R/askwomen subreddit asked women to share the countries they won’t be visiting again. 


view of the Pyramids and Sphynx on the Gizas plateau in Egypt.
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Egypt is a bucket list destination for many, but the oppressive culture is a turn-off for women who’ve been there. 

“I’m kinda over going to countries where I feel like I have to modify my dress/activities/behaviors to such an extreme for my own safety,” said one. 

“I was jeered at, grabbed at, and intimidated just walking down the street. I had to wear my backpack on my chest to deter men from grabbing at my boobs,” added another, describing her experience. 


Picture of downtown Miami from between two palm trees on the other side of the water
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Some folks just don’t enjoy the heat in Florida. 

“I don’t mean to offend anyone from Florida, but the weather is so freaking hot and humid, the bugs are scary, and well, I’ll leave it at that,” said one user. 

“I visited Florida when I was seven, and literally all of my memories are just being excruciatingly hot and sweaty,” added another. 


portion of the Great Wall of China.
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China is a beautiful country, but the authoritarian government makes tourism difficult. 

One user described a harrowing situation with a stolen passport. “I had to prove that it was stolen, and I was just held in China against my will until…I could convince a slow and authoritarian bureaucracy to let me out,” she shared. 

“China is not very helpful with tourist and suspicious even with proof,” added another. 


View of Heidelburg Germany from the Philospher's path.
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

One woman shared that she was subjected to far more racism in Germany than in any other country she visited. 

“I have exactly zero interest in having more people make slanty eyes or buck teeth at me or call me ching chong again, thanks,” she stated. 

The US

image of New York Skyline with statue of Liberty in front
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Redditors hail from around the world, and those living outside the US aren’t likely to visit due to the many controversial laws. 

“I’d consider going back if they implemented sane gun laws that showed they value people’s lives more than gun rights,” said one. 

“I haven’t been there, but watching the news and listening to colleagues who have been there, it sounds absolutely horrific,” added another. 

“Seriously. I have no urge to visit a country on the brink of civil war,” responded a third. 


Styalized photo of Dubai marina and buildings from above
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Dubai markets itself as a rich country welcoming tourists, but women who visited didn’t have stellar experiences. 

“The place just feels fake, artificial, and unwelcoming to outsiders. Not to mention how the locals were just either staring at us or catcalling,” said one user. 

“First place I ever traveled alone, and it was such a mediocre experience. Everything is expensive and feels fake. Disliked it to no end,” added another. 


The welcome to Las Vegas sign
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Vegas is Disneyland for adults – it’s overpriced and overrated, at least according to some women. 

“Everything there is mediocre, and it’s just expensive,” lamented one user. 

Another said the gambling scene isn’t fun. “I find casinos/gambling culture incredibly depressing and not fun and uplifting at all,” she said. 

If you don’t enjoy casinos, you probably won’t enjoy Vegas. 


view of a beach in Jamaica.
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Caribbean islands seem like paradise. Images of sandy beaches, fruity drinks, and days of leisurely fun in the sun spring to mind when imagining a trip to the Caribbean. 

However, it’s not all sunshine and fun. Some Caribbean countries are perilous outside the resort areas. 

“I had to leave my resort to go to a drugstore, and they send a security guard with us. All the locals {were} staring at us, it was not a great feeling,” said one user. 

“My friend and his mom {were} mugged in Jamaica at gunpoint!” exclaimed another.  


aerial view of Paris with the eiffel tower in it
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Paris is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world, but many said they wouldn’t go back. 

“I’m glad I’ve seen it and did all the typical touristy stuff, but I won’t be going back,” stated one user. 

Other users mentioned dirty streets, rude people, and pickpockets as reasons they won’t return, though most said it’s worth visiting at least once. 


Los Angeles skyline at sunset
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Hollywood is another one-and-done tourist destination. Once you’ve seen it, there’s no reason to return. 

“It was fine the one time, but nothing really worth going back for. It’s dirty and gross,” said one user. 

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