Travel Industry Insiders Share the Biggest Secrets Most Travelers Don’t Know Exist

Want some secret hacks that make traveling a breeze? Industry insiders dished on Reddit, sharing secrets even seasoned travelers didn’t know about. 

Learn the best secrets to affordable, comfortable travel to make your next vacation the best one yet. 

Open Jaw Tickets

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A European vacation is a dream for many American tourists. But when you’re traveling so far, you don’t want to be stuck in one city. Some tourists feel trapped by their itinerary when they book round-trip tickets. 

Instead, use an open-jaw ticket (also called multi-city) to fly into one city and out of another. 

Pillow Menu

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Luxury hotels thought of everything. Many offer a “pillow menu,” allowing guests to choose from various pillow styles for the perfect night’s rest. 

The Concierge

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A Conceirge’s entire job is to make your stay memorable. Many have unique connections and can get bookings or reservations for must-see attractions. Tip them well!

Voiding Tickets

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US travelers have 24 hours from booking to cancel their travel plans for a full refund. However, that grace period extends on the weekend – if you purchase your tickets on Friday, you have until Monday to cancel. 

Extended Layovers

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Some countries crave tourist dollars so much that they offer special incentives for travelers to extend any layover they may have. Travelers passing through Qatar, Istanbul, and Iceland have taken advantage of these programs to enjoy an extra city. 

Family and Friends Discount

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Many hotels and airlines have fantastic discounts for friends and family. Workers can get their favorite people free rooms, cheap flights, and more. 

Costco Rentals

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Did you know that Costco offers rental cars? Book through your favorite shopping club for deep discounts. 

Passport Rules

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Before embarking upon an international adventure – check your passport! The name on your ticket must match the name on your passport perfectly. If your middle initial is on your passport, it must be on your ticket. 

You should also check the expiration date, as many countries require it to be valid for at least 3-6 months after you’ve supposedly returned home. 

Bag Checks

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If you arrive early on an international flight, you don’t have to haul your bags around waiting for check-in time. Head to your hotel and ask if they’ll keep your bag until check-in. Most will, and some even have free shower facilities for early arrivals. 

They’ll also hold your bags after checking out. 

Missed Flight Policies

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If something happens en route to the airport, causing you to miss your flight – show up anyway. Some airlines will put you on the next flight for no extra charge if they have space available. However, you typically forfeit your seat if you don’t bother to show up. 


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You must dive into the travel points system if you travel a lot. Hotels, airlines, and credit cards all offer their own rewards systems, and many seasoned travelers can use these perks to score free trips. 

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