12 Reasons You Need To Vote On Tuesday

On Tuesday, November 7, municipalities nationwide are holding local elections. You need to be there. 

Here are 12 crucial reasons you should head to the ballot box this week. 

Extremists Always Show

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Extremists on both sides always show up for every election. Balance out the loudest voices of both your party and the other by adding your own to the mix. 

Local Stuff Affects You

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Everyone shows up to national elections that don’t really affect day-to-day life, but they never show up to local elections, which actually have an impact. 

School Boards

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Many municipalities have hotly contested school board positions on the ballot. You need to vote to prevent extremists from taking over our schools. 

Book Bannings

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We already see things happening in the south, where an extremist group won school board elections and immediately started banning books and preventing your kids from learning the true history of our country. 

Human Rights on the Ballot

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Some states, like Ohio, have human rights measures on the ballot. Vote in your local elections so you don’t become a second-class citizen. 


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Lots of local elections have tax hikes or tax decreases on the ballot. Texas has an amendment that would lower property taxes for everyone and another that would prevent the state from initiating any type of wealth tax, for example. 

And Improvements

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Taxes and improvements go hand in hand. Many municipalities put ideas for crucial infrastructure improvements on the ballot, and voters must decide if that project is worth their tax dollars. 

Constitutional Amendments

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Many states offer their voters a say in constitutional amendments. These appear on the ballot in many off-cycle elections. The most crucial this year is Ohio’s amendment to guarantee a woman the right to her own body. 

Mayors and City Counsels

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City elections don’t always follow the same cycle as national elections. You might miss the chance to vote for your own city’s mayor and council members if you don’t vote. 

Prosecutors and Judges

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It’s even more vital to vote for local prosecutors and judges. A prison-happy judge and “tough on crime” prosecutor sounds good until you realize that they’re going to lock a ton of people away for ridiculous reasons. 

Politicians Get Their Start Locally

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Most awful politicians and judges around the country got their start in local politics. Stop them before they build momentum and become even more severe threats to our democracy. 

Small Elections Matter

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You might not realize it, but these small elections have massive impacts on every aspect of your life. From the roads you drive to the schools where you send your children to the taxes you pay on groceries, local elections matter. 

Let your voice be heard.

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