Newly Elected House Speaker Admits Ending Roe Had Nothing To Do With Protecting the Unborn

The United States House of Representatives finally elected a new speaker, and they couldn’t have made a worse decision if they tried. 

220 House Republicans voted for a 2020 election denier to serve in one of the highest offices in the land. 

But he’s radical on far more than voter rights. 

Mike Johnson Explains His Anti-Abortion Stance

In a video shared on Twitter, Johnson explains his radical views on abortion. 

He hated Roe vs Wade, but he admits it’s not about saving the unborn but making more worker bees for the rich to exploit. 


Women’s Rights

Johnson doesn’t care about the individual women who suffer under his regime. The fall of Roe put the health and welfare of millions of women at risk, but the Republican party doesn’t care. 

They don’t care that the US has one of the worst maternal death rates in the developed world, nor do they care that pregnancy is a dangerous health condition with a host of adverse effects, including permanent disability and even death. 

Republicans don’t care that the UN deemed forced birth torture. They don’t care that they’re thrusting millions of women and children into harsh poverty

That’s actually a bonus!

More Cogs for the Machine

All Johnson and his party care about is creating more humans that will continue to provide labor for the ruling class. 

His comments addressing the effects of abortion on the economy and social security prove his true intentions. It’s not about saving the unborn; it’s ensuring an underclass of servants desperate for scraps will be born. 

Dead women are simply collateral damage. But Republicans don’t care because they don’t see women as people anyway. Women are merely incubators whose only purpose is to create the next generation of workers. 

The Internet Reacts

The Republican’s radical stance on abortion is out of touch with the majority of Americans, who typically support a compromise on the issue. 

The internet abounds with negative reactions and comments highlighting the dystopian nightmare Republicans seem to want. 

Here are some of the top reactions on X (formerly Twitter).


Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

Today’s Republican party doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t care about women, minorities, the middle class, or the working poor. 

It only cares about its corporate sponsors and lining the pockets of its rich friends by any means possible – up to and including stripping people of their fundamental human rights. 

Today, it’s women and members of the LGBTQ community, but it won’t stop there. 

Vote like your life depends on it because, in this day and age, it really does.