12 Conspiracy Theories So Dumb They Make Us Rage

We can understand some conspiracy theories. Many raise interesting questions about our culture, society, and leadership. But some are so stupid they make us rage. 

Here are the dumbest conspiracy theories that boil our blood. 

Flat Earth

The Earth at night from outer space.
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There’s so much evidence of a round Earth we can’t believe people genuinely think it’s flat. You could literally prove it yourself by sailing around the world. Why don’t flat Earthers organize an expedition to prove us all wrong?

Harvesting from Donors

EMT Workers loading an ambulance.
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Someone started a conspiracy theory that says if you sign up for organ donation, emergency workers and doctors won’t save you. They’ll let you die to harvest your organs. Not only does this crazy theory prevent people from signing up, but it’s also immensely insulting to the professionals who want to save your life. 

JFK Jr. and Trump

Donald Trump pointing at himself speaking to the press before a civil trial in NY, 2023.
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This conspiracy theory wouldn’t be so outlandish if John F. Kennedy Jr. hadn’t tragically perished twenty years ago. Why people think a deceased person from a democratic family would rise from the dead to support Trump in Dallas is beyond us. 

Magic Cure All Foods

Caprese salad with Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil.
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People struggling with chronic and incurable illnesses are desperate for a cure. Conspiracy theorists and scammers feed off the desperation by claiming such and such food as a magic cure for whatever illness. It offers false hope and even causes family rifts. 

5G Towers

A cell phone tower surrounded by graphics representing data communications.
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There will always be a subset of people cautious of new technology. But you must use intense mental gymnastics to think a tower is responsible for a virus. 

Fake Moon Landing

View of the Earth from the surface of the Moon.
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The government invested so much into landing on the moon, and to think so many people believe it was all done in some podunk studio is incredibly insulting. Wouldn’t our enemies have loved to expose the hoax if they could?

Sandy Hook Deniers

Child walking towards the stairs leading up to a school with a backback on.
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The Sandy Hook deniers are the worst kinds of people. It’s one thing to ask questions after a tragedy, but these people sent hate mail to parents who lost their children. You can’t go any lower than that. 

Holocaust Deniers

Man with his fingers in his ears to ignore the problem.
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Holocaust deniers are right up there with Sandy Hook deniers as terrible people. Millions lost their lives in one of the most horrific cases of genocide the world had ever seen. We have first-hand accounts, photos, and videos of the gas chambers, journals, records, possessions, and everything else you could need to show the true scope of the tragedy, yet people still claim it didn’t happen. 

Wayfair’s Children

Two little girls watering the plants outside their playhouse.
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Wayfair made up cute, childlike names for their furniture, and all of a sudden, they were accused of child trafficking. People believed you’d get a little girl if you bought the overpriced “Abby” cabinet. 

Scientists Out To Trick You

Illustration showing a group of scientists working together.
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Far too many crazy conspiracy theories paint scientists and researchers as a global net of criminal masterminds obsessed with harming the public. First, scientists don’t make nearly enough money for any of that, and second, people go into science to search for the truth, not obscure it. 

Vaccines Cause Autism

Dr. vaccinating an older female patient.
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One quack scientist wrote a paper, and now millions of people refuse to vaccinate their kids against deadly diseases. The paper was discredited after it was proven that Wakefield had falsified his research. 

Another horrible outcome of the entire debacle is that we learned millions of parents would rather have dead children than autistic children. 


A plane on the runway of Newark airport with the skyline in the back.
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People who don’t understand science can’t comprehend why airplanes would leave water vapor trails in their midst. They claim these “chemtrails” are intentional releases of harmful substances to….well, who knows the end goal or the chemicals? Even a little research into how airplanes work would clarify this. 

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