Land of the Free – Or Is It? 17 Freedoms Lacking in the US that Citizens from Other Countries Enjoy

Americans love boasting about their freedom, but are Americans really the freest folk in all the land? Citizens in other countries enjoy much more freedom over certain aspects of life. 

Healthcare Access

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The US is one of the only developed countries without a universal healthcare system. Citizens of other countries can seek medical care without risking bankruptcy. 

Getting an Education

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In America, you’re only free to get an advanced education if you can pay for it. Most Western European countries believe an educated populace is a boon to society, providing affordable education to all who seek it. 

Healthcare Not Tied To Work

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Most other countries don’t limit people’s ability to pursue different careers by tying healthcare to employment. How many Americans stay in toxic jobs because they’re afraid they’d lose their healthcare if they tried doing something else?

Bodily Autonomy

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It’s hard to call America the Land of the Free when half the population doesn’t have the right to control their own bodies. 

Getting What You Need

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Far too many Americans lack access to essential goods. Our car-centric culture forces people to buy expensive machines to get food. Most other countries have walkable cities where people can get what they need to survive without a car. 

Who Decides Your Care?

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Are you really free if you don’t get the final say over your healthcare? In many developed nations, healthcare decisions stay between the patient and the doctor. Americans have greedy third-party insurance companies in the mix, who, despite not having any medical backgrounds, get the final say in their treatment options. 

When You Can Buy Beer

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A lot of Southern states prevent US citizens from purchasing beer on Sundays due to their puritanical religious views. 

Where You Can Drink That Beer

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Only a handful of cities allow people to enjoy a beer outside a designated “beer garden” area. Many other places allow citizens to drink beer in parks and while out in public. 

No Civil Asset Forfieture

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In America, the Land of the Free, the cops can take your stuff if they “suspect” it was used in a crime. Basically, the cops can steal from citizens with near impunity. 

Literal Freedom

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America has the highest incarceration rate in the Western world and 6th highest percentage of people in prison per capita in the world. Ask the nearly 10% of Americans behind bars how free they are. 


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We pride ourselves on our democratic voting system while making it as difficult as possible for people to vote. Other countries automatically enroll people while the US purges its voter roles. Voter ID laws, closing voting places, forcing people to jump through hoops to register, and making election day a work day all limit people’s freedom to participate in democracy. 

Owning Property

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In the US, you can never truly own a piece of land. You always have to pay property taxes, and if you don’t, you can have your property seized. 

Freedom to Roam

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Many countries allow citizens to wander freely on public and private lands as long as they leave it how they found it. In the US, you often need to pay to access public lands. 

Feeling Safe

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Citizens of other countries feel safe wandering the streets at night, attending events, and attending school. That’s a freedom many in the US don’t have. 


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The US pretends to love parents but makes it nearly impossible for folks to have kids by refusing any standards for maternal health, parental leave, sick leave, or childcare. People aren’t free to start families without risking a life of poverty. 

Free Time

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Other nations value rest and leisure. Americans celebrate work above all else, refusing any law or regulation offering better work/life balance, vacation time, or limiting work hours. Americans are free to work, not free to enjoy life. 

Stable Employment

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Americas have some weird 1984 double speak about employment and workers’ rights. The “Right to Work” means you can get fired anytime for no reason. Other countries have protections that ensure workers are treated fairly. 

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