The New Normal: 14 Things That COVID Changed Forever

We thought things would return to normal after COVID. Although many people found a new sense of normalcy, many things irrevocably changed during those two years. 

These things changed during the pandemic and show no signs of returning to how they used to be. 

Used Car Prices

Car salesman on a lot pointing at the price on a car's windshield.
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The COVID era saw massive increases in used car prices. We thought they’d come back down after the supply change stabilized, but that hasn’t happened yet. 

Reduced Staff

Office workers sadly around a colleague holding a box as if he was just let go from the position.
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Many places cut their staffing, citing safety concerns and social distancing. They realized they could save money by never going back to pre-pandemic staffing levels. 

Customer Service

Upset worker wearing a nice uniform with her arms crossed on a lime green background.
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Customer service staff hailed as heroes during the pandemic got nothing but ever-increasing rudeness from customers and ever-increasing workloads from managers. People no longer want to work these jobs, and those stuck in them don’t care about doing a good job. 


a five dollar bill, some singles, and some change on a plate representing a tip at a restaurant.
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We did reward service personnel during the pandemic by offering tips for everyone, including cashiers and counter workers. Now, they all expect 20-30% tips for everything. 


A woman sits alone amidst a vast emptiness.
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The pandemic destroyed all remaining 3rd spaces in society. People go to work, come home, and stay isolated from their families and friends.  We want to go out, but it’s exhausting and expensive. 


A nice restaurant menu open to the main menu page.
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Restaurants no longer have paper menus. Why would they return to spending money on menus when they can force the customer to struggle with a stupid QR reader to see the options?


A serious looking man demands things by pointing to his palm with his other finger.
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COVID rocked the world, and people haven’t recovered. Although we started seeing cracks before the pandemic, the two years of isolation made everyone meaner and angrier. 


Child walking towards the stairs leading up to a school with a backback on.
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A generation of children received substandard education for two years, and nobody thought to address it. The kids who missed two years of classes have reduced social skills and are behind on nearly every subject, but we all just pretended they’d be fine. 

Prices in General

A sad man watching money fly out of his wallet.
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They said that inflation was due to supply chain issues during COVID, but prices on everything, from food to lumber to housing, continue to rise despite the assurance that the pandemic is over and supply chains have returned to normal. 

Hold Times

An angry older woman yelling into her wired home phone.
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Calling a company for help was never easy, but it got much worse during COVID and stayed that way. Companies used the Pandemic as an excuse to cut workers and refuse customer service, but they never brought them back. Now, you have to wait on hold for hours to get your problem resolved. 

Seeing a Doctor

A businessman with a stethoscope hanging around his neck.
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It’s never been easy to get into a new doctor, but COVID made it nearly impossible. Wait times are outrageous for booking anything from a GP to a specialist continue to rise, preventing people from getting the care they need. 

The General Mood

A sad unsure woman holds a wedding ring while pondering her future.
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COVID soured everyone’s mood, and no one has bounced back. We’re all sadder, angrier, and more scared, and we started turning that fear outwards to everyone else. 

Hotel Housekeeping

Group of professional smiling hotell workers.
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Hotels used to clean the rooms daily but found they could save money by only cleaning after a guest leaves. 

People’s Attitude Toward Work

A woman sitting at her lap top saluting to represent discipline.
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One positive change COVID brought was the growing realization that we deserve better. American work culture celebrates profits above all else, but the pandemic made us value our lives and health over the almighty dollar. Though businesses are trying their hardest to swing the pendulum back, many younger generations aren’t having it. 

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