What Type of Fire are You? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

What Type of Fire Are You?

The financial independence movement has spawned a ton of varieties. It’s not a one-size-fits-all crusade anymore, which is a great thing! Financial independence should be for everyone, shouldn’t it? The different flavors give everyone the opportunity to pursue financial financial independence, in one way or another. 

That begs the question – with so many kinds, what type of fire is right for you? You’re in luck, because I made this awesome quiz to help you figure it out! You may even find out that you’re FI without even knowing it!

Types of Fire

But before you take the amazingly innovative (and fun!) “what type of fire are you” quiz, let’s go over the possibilities. These will be super brief, but don’t worry – if you’re really interested in any of them – well, there’s a post for that. 

  • Passion Fire – Freedom to pursue your passions
  • Coast Fire – Security of FU money when you like your job
  • Barista Fire – Low stress part time job for pocket money
  • Fat Fire – Living the luxury life, no work but tons of cash
  • Lean Fire – Frugal, sustainable living on less than 40K
  • Traditional FI – I just want to live a normal life without having to work

All in Good Fun

Also remember – this quiz is mostly just for fun. If you answered the questions honestly, you’ll probably get an answer that works for you, but the quest for financial independence is incredibly personal. There’s always going to be nuance that quizzes just can’t capture.  This is post is a fun way to get you thinking about the type of life you want, whether you’re on the path for financial freedom or haven’t even considered it yet. 

Have fun with the quiz, and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Take the Quiz:

Do you want to quit your job before traditional retirement?

How much money are you going to spend in retirement?

What about the FIRE movement is most appealing to you?

What do you like about your current job?

What are you going to do about work when you hit your FI number?

What do you hate about your current job?

Where do you imagine yourself living?

Is your healthcare covered in your FI/RE plan?

What three words are most appealing to you?

What Type of FIRE are You?
Passion Fire

"type of fire - passion fire"

You don’t want to quit working entirely - but you want to do something that adds value to your life. It's time to trade the office job for your passions, whether it be writing, crafting, gaming, or research. Work that delights is definitely a top priority. To learn more about passion fire, read this: https://partnersinfire.com/lifestyle/passion-fire/
Barista Fire

what type of fire barista fire

Deadlines, and spreadsheets and stress – oh my! You wouldn’t mind working if it wasn't so anxiety inducing! Trade in the deadlines for a relaxing job putting books away or selling surfboards. You'll earn pocket money and get out of the house to socialize with coworkers, but lose all the stress. To learn more about barista fire, read this: https://partnersinfire.com/fire101/barista-fire/
Coast Fire

type of fire coast fire

If it pays the bills and keeps life full of comfort, why rock the boat? You've got your life vest fastened, but you enjoy your job so why worry? Coast Fire lets you live for today because you're future is secure. To learn more about coast fire, read this: https://partnersinfire.com/finance/what-is-coast-fire/
Lean Fire

what type of fire lean fire

You hate working so much you'll sacrifice creature comforts if it means you don't have to go back to the office. Lean Fire forces you to live cheaply, but you get to live for yourself, and that's a huge bonus. To learn more about Lean Fire, read this: https://partnersinfire.com/blog/what-is-lean-fire/
Fat Fire

what type of fire fat fire

You want it all, and you can have it! Fat Fire is perfect for those with tons of money to blow. You don't want to work, but you refuse to sacrifice the finer things in life. You may have to work longer to save up enough money, but it's worthwhile to live the life you've always wanted without any limitations.
Traditional FI

what type of fire traditional fire

You don't want to work at all, and you want an average middle of the road existence. There's nothing wrong with that! Here's where it all started! To learn more about financial independence, read this: https://partnersinfire.com/blog/fire-fundamentals-basics-fire/

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13 thoughts on “What Type of Fire are You? Take This Quiz and Find Out!”

  1. I got Traditional FIRE, but I think if you were to add a question asking something like “Do you have a plan to reach your FI number?”, then I could define the all new classification of “Clueless FI”.

    • Dads for Dollar$, your funny! I actually laughed out loud! At least you have a sense of humor about it all! Besides, I am guessing you are hoarding more “clues” than your letting on!

  2. I got Lean FIRE! Um, what just happened?! It did force me to think about things I haven’t really thought about. This was a good way to bring insight and fun into a finances which, at times, can be lacking in fun.

    • My BF wrote the “results” for me. I gave him a guideline and asked him to be funny. I think the lean fire one was his best – it was so ridiculously hilarious! But I’m glad it got you thinking about some of the reasons for pursuing FI – that was the whole point! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Hi Melanie
    Cool Quiz and very interesting blog.

    I got PASSION FIRE which describes pretty well what I expect once we achieve our goal. My wife target FI by end of 2024, I guess we could get there even sooner but want to make it as enjoyable as possible and by then it will be easier to travel with our two children.


    • I’m glad you liked it! Passion Fire is the best! And 2024 will be here before you know it!

  4. “What do you like about your current job?”
    –> This question needs a “the content”, “the impact” or “learning new things” option 😀

    I got passion fire, but I actually love my job haha. Maybe this is as good as it gets for me 😉 😉

    • It’s great to hear that you love your job! I’ll check out the options there, maybe it’s time to tweak it!

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