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The internet is a fantastic source of knowledge and entertainment. It’s filled with resources to help you learn, create, and relax. 

The vastness of the internet has one shocking limitation: with so much content, it’s hard to find valuable resources online. Therefore, I was delighted to see a thread in my favorite Reddit sub, R/Askreddit, asking users to share their favorite fun, free internet resources. 

You may be shocked at how many cool things you could have gotten for free online!

Open Library

woman holding book in front of her face with eyes shifting to the left
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Are you still spending money on books? You need to check out!

The website features free books that anyone can access right from their computer! One Redditor was stoked to plug the free library, sharing tons of information on its offerings. 

The books are all scanned page by page and work on your computer, phone, tablet, or e-reader. There are multiple formats available,” they said, adding, “They even have some comic books and graphic novels as well as a lot of old video. It’s really cool and anyone who likes to reach should check it out.”

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Need to find old music or an old video game? Head to

One user said that “has a ton of free digital information stored, but I mostly use it for its Live Music Archive which is an infinite amount of live music from bands that allow sharing (more than you’d expect).”

Another said they use it to download old Nintendo games they can’t find anywhere else, while others share they use it to find old cookbooks. 


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Blender is Microsoft’s video editing software, and it’s completely free!

“The amount of stuff you can make with a free application and potentially land a job is mind-blowing,” said one Redditor, discussing the software. 

Blender offers a host of video editing tools, allowing users to splice, add green screen backgrounds, edit audio, and do everything else needed to make studio-quality videos. 


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“Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer,” shared one user. “It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.”

Anyone interested in astronomy or astrophysics should check out the free site to learn more about the night sky and the stellar bodies floating through our galaxy. 


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Want to make 80’s style synthetic pop music? Check out Dexed, an FM simulator that lets you make fun sounds. 

“I have a real DX7 II from the 80s, and it is so much easier to make new sounds in Dexed,” admitted one user. 


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If you need to edit photos but don’t want to pay for photoshop, consider downloading GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). 

The open-source software allows you to edit photos for free. Many users expressed dissatisfaction at the steep learning curve and lack of full functionality, but it’s an excellent option for those on a budget. 


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Most of us use the operating system that comes with our computers, but one user said everyone should at least look into switching to Linux. 

“It gets rid of all crapware you may have on your computer. It gives you a level of choice and customization options that Windows and MacOS can only dream of. It will generally run a lot faster than Windows, especially on older hardware,” they explained.


Woman outside geocaching with a phone.
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Geocaching is a free internet thing that helps you get outdoors to have some fun!

“It’s a worldwide free scavenger hunt where you find physical containers called geocaches,” said one Redditor. They explained how you play “You find the geocache, sign your name on the logbook inside, and write about your adventure online. There’s a free app you can download and start finding them! Some are quite large and full of toys and swag!”

Guitar Tabs

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Learning an instrument has never been easier. One user shared that you can find guitar tabs and notes for nearly any song imaginable with a simple internet search. 

“I like to just search the song name followed by “chords” or “tabs,” and I can almost always find a songsterr or ultimate guitar or YouTube video that gives me exactly what I need,” they said. 


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Amazon’s Freevee allows users to watch some shows and movies for free. Though you typically won’t find any big-name releases on the platform, there is enough content to occupy your time. 

“There are a few diamonds in the rough, you just sometime have to dig really deep to find it,” offered the user, explaining they found some pretty good shows on the platform.  

Learning New Skills

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“People underestimate how much information is accessible and available online, pretty much any subject can be learned via the internet,” said one user. 

There’s likely a YouTube channel offering information on any unique hobby. A simple search will help you find how-to guides on nearly any topic. 

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