10 Valid Reasons Women Hate Getting Approached by Strange Men

Women are speaking up about the constant attention they get from men while trying to live their lives, and the consensus is they hate it. 

Men Baffled At Women’s Reactions

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Men can’t figure out why. Many claim they’d love the attention and call women entitled, snobby, and selfish for their negative attitudes towards men who constantly hit on them. 

Women Have Valid Reasons for Hating It

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Listen up, fellows; women are 100% justified in hating the attention. Here’s why they speak out against it so much and why you would be wise to shut up and listen. 

Equates Women to Objects

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The blind approach, where a man sees a random attractive woman and then approaches her for her number, telling her how beautiful she is in the process, isn’t all that flattering. It’s basically saying you only value her physical looks. 

It’s Degrading

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The entire situation is degrading to women, who feel like they’re objects constantly on display to the male gaze. It’s creepy that you saw a woman you don’t know, decided you wanted to have sex with her, and then approached her for that reason alone. 

Unsure of Intentions

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Many women would be more receptive to male attention if not for the significant number of men who look at women as conquests. Women want more than just sex. They want real connections. A man approaching her because she’s “hot” is likely looking for something different. 

No Escape

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Men complain that they can’t hit on women while women are working, but imagine how these women feel. They’re just trying to do their jobs and provide customer service, yet they can’t escape your constant creepy innuendos. 

Can’t Be Friendly

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Some women have tried being friendly with men who approach them, and they’ve gotten burned. If they engage even slightly, the guy will think he has a chance and then get mad when she turns him down. She’d rather not deal with that. 

It’s Constant

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We all need water to survive, but you’d start to hate water if someone turned on a firehose and constantly sprayed it into your face. That’s how women feel about getting hit on. 

Women Don’t Exist for You

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Some men see an attractive woman and imagine her life only exists for his benefit. She’s pretty for him, she must smile for him, and he’s entitled to her time and attention. 

The Fear Aspect

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Sure, not all men, but none of us can tell which men. Some men get violent when rejected, and women have no way of knowing. Getting approached by a stranger is stressful when there’s always a chance he’ll explode. And don’t say the fear is exaggerated; every single woman in the world has experienced this situation on numerous occasions. 

He Could Do Far Worse

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Women are acutely aware of how far his tantrum can go. Men have killed women for rejecting them. Men are typically bigger, stronger, and faster. Most men probably won’t harm her, but why should she be happy to take that chance?

A Bad Result is Always Your Fault

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Women must also protect themselves against society’s evil glare the second something goes wrong. It’s always her fault. Why did she even talk to him? Why was she so mean to him? Why was she wearing something he found attractive?

Want Freedom to Exist in Public

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A major issue is that women are tired. They’re tired of feeling on display. They’re tired of constant harassment by men. They want to go about their days and live their lives without the constant attention. Women want the freedom to exist in public. 

Men Feel Entitled To Approach Women

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Men scoff at women’s valid complaints, asking, “Well, how do I meet women if I can’t approach them in public?” like they’re owed access to women. 

First, admit that no one owes you anything, ever. You’re not entitled to a woman’s time or attention. 

When It’s Okay To Hit On Women

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For those men who view women as people, it’s as easy as ever to meet and hit on women. Stop approaching strangers, and join groups/clubs where people mingle so you can meet folks with common interests. 

If you meet someone there, it will be because you share things in common and not just based on looks.

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