12 Red Flags People Show Early in Relationships that You Must Believe

We often approach relationships with rose-colored glasses, ignoring the glaring red flags the other person waves at us. 

Here are 12 examples of people showing precisely who they are that folks admit they ignored. 

Erase You in Conversation

A man and woman sit on a bench. He's obviously annoyed, but she's oblivious and talking.
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You can assume you’re not at the top of their priority list when they casually erase you when talking to someone else, especially when talking to someone of the opposite gender. The “We dids” become “I dids” as they omit any trace of a partner from their conversations. 

Threats That Might Be Empty

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Evil people play on other people’s emotions to get what they want. They’ll threaten all sorts of horrific things, even to themselves, to force you to stay (making you think if they follow through, it will be your fault). Red flags like this are too massive to ignore. If someone makes these types of threats, leave and call emergency services. They’re unwell. 

Everyone is Wary

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When everyone you know has had bad experiences with someone, you can probably assume it’s the person and not everyone else. They’ll have a convincing story about how everyone is just out to get them, but usually, it’s their own fault. 

Pushing Boundaries

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They’ll start with small things that seem innocuous and claim “they didn’t know” or “didn’t think you were serious.” Be careful of someone who pushes even the smallest boundary. They will continue to push until you give up everything of yourself for their convenience. 

Telling You They’re Not Ready

A guilty looking man shrugs his shoulder as if he doesn't really care that what he did is wrong.
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Far too many of us won’t believe someone who tells us exactly who they are right to our face. If they tell you they’re not ready for commitment, aren’t sure about the relationship, or don’t know what they want, believe them. Don’t hold on, hoping you’ll be the magic person that makes them ready. 

Skilled Liar

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People who constantly and easily lie to everyone else are probably lying to you, too. 

Telling You Who You Can Be Friends With

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Someone who unilaterally decides you can’t be friends with people from the opposite gender probably has a controlling streak. It’s even worse if they don’t adhere to the same standard. 

Telling You They’re a Cheater

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If they’ve cheated on all their partners and openly admit it to you, they’re probably going to cheat on you, too. 

Purposefully Tearing You Down

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Insecure people will do anything to make everyone else feel less than. They’ll nitpick you, sabotage you, and undermine everything you do. You’ll lose yourself if you stay in a relationship like this. 

Fleeing the Scene

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You can tell a lot by someone with how they act in a minor conflict. Do they take responsibility for their behavior, or do they run?

Inappropriate Jokes

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We can all appreciate a little toilet humor now and again, but when they aren’t capable of other types of humor or turn everything into an inappropriate innuendo, they probably only have one thing on their minds. 

A Gut Feeling

A sad unsure woman holds a wedding ring while pondering her future.
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If you have a weird feeling in your gut, listen to it! Our instincts were honed over millennia of evolution. They’re unlikely to lead you astray. 

They’re Selfish

Proud looking selfish man wearing a crown looking down on others.
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In this world, you’re all you’ve got. Most people are too concerned about themselves to think of others. While good people exist, it’s harder and harder to find them in the sea of selfishness. 

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