Shocking First Date Revelations We Can’t Believe People Freely Share

Amidst the flurry of tingles and butterflies, first dates offer the opportunity to get to know someone on a fundamental level. Setting your feelings aside and digging deep while enjoying a first date is crucial because people freely share the craziest stuff about themselves. 

These first-date revelations will help you see how crucial these initial conversations are!

Restraining Order

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One woman shared that her date nonchalantly shared that he had not one but two restraining orders against him, each filed by a former girlfriend. 

She did not agree to a second date. 

All The Kids

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Adults in the dating game know that many potential partners will have kids. However, one woman ran when she learned that her date, who looked great on paper, had six kids with five partners. 

No thanks. 

Like Family

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One man freaked out when his date kept mentioning her brother. It started innocently enough, as she simply said they’d get along, but as the night progressed, she made weirder and weirder comments about how he reminded her of her brother. He had enough when she whispered it, just as they were getting intimate. 

“Responsible” Users

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Addicts will say anything to explain their addiction away. One man decided against a second meetup when his date casually told him she used hard, illicit substances, but it was okay because she was a “responsible user.”

Hair Obsession

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Walking dates offer a great way to meet someone in a non-committal way. One woman used that to her advantage when she escaped a date who insisted on braiding her hair – to the point of reaching for her head without consent. 


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Some folks don’t think marriage is a huge deal. They’ll agree to dates (and often more), leaving out the vital tidbit that they’re already committed to someone else. 

Picking Out Kids Names

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Imagining the future is a great way to spend a 12th or 20th date. It’s super creepy on a first date. 

One woman ran for the hills when her date told her he couldn’t wait to have kids with her and even had the baby names picked out. On a first date. 

True Crime

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People can be extremely dangerous. It’s essential to meet up with someone for a first date in public, where you can safely escape after they share their horrific crimes. 

One woman said her date freely admitted to homicide against his father and sexually assaulting his sister. 

Pay My Fines

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The audacity of some people. One man asked his date to pay his court fees, then threatened to embarrass her if she left the restaurant. 

She snuck out and ran. 

Double Booking

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It’s just bad form to book two dates in one night, but one woman did just that and dared to have her first date drop her off to her second date, which was actually with her long-term boyfriend. 

I Make Poor Financial Decisions

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Some folks should wear a t-shirt warning people they’re bad with money. Others don’t have to because they’ll tell anyone who will listen how great crypto is and that even though they lost all their money, you should invest because it’s sure to go back up. 

What a Creep

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Women who want to enjoy a casual date often get blindsided by disgusting comments and actions. One woman shared that her date casually said she’d look great wearing his collar, while another said her date stripped and demanded intimacy after she agreed to come to his place. 

Women Hating

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Why do men insist on dating women when they so clearly hate women? Far too many women shared stories of dates who couldn’t control their vitriol against women in the presence of the very woman they were trying to woo. 

The worst offender was the man who wanted to write a book explaining to women how horrible they all are because he thought that would solve all society’s ills. 

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