The Singlehood Epidemic: Top Reasons Why People Struggle To Find a Partner

The days of pairing up in high school are long gone. People wait longer and longer to wed, and some decide to forgo coupledom altogether. 

Here are the top self-reported reasons why people remain single. 


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You can’t find a partner if you don’t put yourself out there. Many people admit to hiding away in their homes. If you don’t go anywhere, you won’t meet anyone. 

Lack of Trust

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Partnership takes trust, and nowadays, it’s hard to trust anyone. In the initial stages of dating, you must weed out the scammers and the takers, which can create even more trust issues. 

But maintaining a long-term relationship requires the deepest level of trust imaginable. We must trust our partners with our finances, homes, safety, and lives. That’s too much for some people. 


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A lot of people are comfortable in their singlehood. Although they’re not opposed to partnering up, they don’t see it as necessary, so they’re happy to wait for the right person, even if that means staying single forever. 

Lack of Confidence

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A lot of men lack the confidence necessary to approach women for dates. The thread was full of men saying they’re not attractive or clever enough. Many excuses boiled down to a lack of self-esteem. 

Fall for the Wrong One

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You have to give people credit for their introspection. Many admitted they decided to stay single after realizing they constantly chose toxic relationships. Maybe they’ll give it another go after they learn to trust themselves. 

Don’t Think They’d Be a Good Partner

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Some people desperately want a partner but realize they have nothing positive to offer. They’d rather remain single than subject someone they love to their endless flaws. Hopefully, these folks work on themselves and get to the point where they would be a good partner. 

Enjoy Peace

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The idea that everyone wants a relationship is plain wrong. Some people prefer quiet solitude, while others don’t want to compromise on their goals for anyone else. 

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting a relationship. 

Too Happy

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Building a happy life takes a lot of work. When you’ve done it for yourself, the thought of choosing a partner who could potentially destroy it is terrifying. Why risk a good thing for a maybe?


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Some folks have lives that don’t meld well with partnerships. You don’t have time to pursue romantic relationships when you’re working long hours or constantly traveling. 


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Previous trauma prevents many people from pursuing a new relationship.  It’s hard to open up to someone new when you’ve been hurt badly in previous relationships. 

No Money

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Dating costs money. Many people want to find financial security before pursuing a committed relationship. It’s easier to date if you have your life in order. 

Not Worth It

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Many people look at their current lives and imagine whether a partner would enhance or worsen their lives. Women, particularly, realize that romantic relationships cost them far more than they get. Women get to work the same long hours as men but also do the double shift at home, completing the vast majority of the domestic and emotional labor. 

It’s not worth it. 

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