Waving Red Flags We’re Embarrassed to Admit We Ignored

When people and situations wave red flags warning us away, we should listen. Ignoring the hints causes a world of hurt. Here are some of the most prominent red flags people ignored, causing them nothing but trouble. 

Bad Luck

Woman with her hands up as if to say it isn't her fault.
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Some people will claim they’re plagued with bad luck when in reality, they’re a victim of their poor decision-making. If everything is always going wrong for them, examine whether they’re the ones at fault. 

Short Term Relationships

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People in their mid-to-late twenties or older should have at least a handful of long-term relationships unless they purposely abstain from dating. 

Someone with a string of short-term relationships who can’t determine why is likely the problem. 

Not Ready for a Relationship

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Sometimes people will literally tell us the red flag, and we’ll still ignore it. If they say they’re not ready for a relationship, believe them. They may tell on themselves in thousands of little ways, listen to and believe them. 

Someone Else’s Fault

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Some folks can’t take any accountability for their own actions. They get fired because their boss hates them, not because they’re chronically late or a bad employee. They can’t hold a job in their thirties because their parents made them babysit once while they were a teenager, not because they’re lazy. 

Everything terrible is always someone else’s fault, and they’re constantly a victim. Rest assured; you will be the next person at fault if you engage with someone like this. 

Refusing to Apologize

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Refusing to apologize even when they know they messed up is a giant red flag. It’s even worse when you find yourself apologizing for their bad behavior because it “made them feel bad” when you brought it up. 

Not Meeting the Friends and Family

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If you’re in a relationship with someone, you should eventually meet their friends and family. No one is bringing a fling home to mom and dad after the first date, but after a few months, you should have at least met a friend or two. 

Hiding you from friends and family means you’re not it. 

Sore Loser

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People who can’t take a loss in a simple game definitely can’t handle losing when things really matter. These folks always need everything to go their way and will throw a massive fit if it doesn’t. 


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If they cheat on you, they will cheat on you. Far too many people think it will be different because they’re special. 

Family Hates Them

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We understand that some folks genuinely have toxic families. But unless they’ve escaped from some type of cult, if everyone in their extended family hates them, it’s probably a them problem. 

A String of Crazy Exes

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The common denominator in every relationship is you. We can understand one or two bad experiences, but when every single one of your exes was the problem, you’re either choosing poor partners or you’re the problem. 

Just “Joking”

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Schrodinger’s jerk will do something awful and then claim they were just joking when the other person takes offense. 

It’s not a joke. They are pushing your boundaries to see what they can get away with under the guise of humor. 

Bad Financial Decisions

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Don’t watch in awe as a potential partner blows their entire paycheck on booze and video games or quits their job without something else lined up. These red flags mean you’ll be supporting them. 

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