Why Do So Many Fathers Abandon Their Children?

Dad said he was going to the store but never returned. The common trope highlights a societal problem with parents: fathers abandon their kids with no remorse, leaving single mothers who live in poverty and bear the brunt of society’s ire. 

Why Do Fathers Abandon Their Kids?

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One user came to Reddit seeking answers from real people on why the trope is so common in real life. Why do so many fathers abandon their children?

The responses mainly came from people who lived it. Their father left, and although many were never given a reason, some were. And some figured it out for themselves. 

Not Useful

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Some parents only care about their kids if they’re useful. If the kid boosts Dad’s ego or helps him keep a job or relationship, sure, Dad will stick around. These fathers leave the second the kid no longer serves a purpose but often show up when they’re financially stable enough to give dad some cash. 

It’s Easier

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Many dads don’t want to do the work of parenting. They leave because things are too hard and often show up when the kids are teenagers or young adults and no longer require a ton of work. 


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Sometimes, the dad is too selfish to prioritize the kid’s needs. He leaves so he doesn’t have to sacrifice his wants for the child’s needs. 

King of the Castle

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Many men can’t handle competition for “their woman’s” affection. When the baby comes, and they’re no longer the most important thing in the house, they flip out and leave, finding someone who will put them first. 

Not Ready To Parent

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Fathers run because they aren’t ready for the intense responsibility of parenting. Young mothers typically aren’t prepared either, but they don’t have the option to run, and with more and more laws restricting access to reproductive care, we’re likely to see an increase in single mothers. 

Terrible Person

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Some men are just terrible people. They have no qualms about impregnating someone and ditching after getting what they want. The kids are probably better off without these awful folks in their lives. 

New Wife

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Fathers often abandon their children the second a new wife enters the picture. These dads only care about making the new woman happy; they don’t care about their already existing children. 

Society Lets It Happen

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There are few repercussions for dads who abandon their families. While some have to pay a small portion of their income for child support, many get away scot-free. In many jurisdictions, mothers get jailed for reckless abandonment for running away while no one cares if dad does it. 

Men as Providers

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Society also pigeonholes men into provider roles rather than caretaking roles. Even men who stay don’t help much with the kids; they think providing money is enough. Dads who leave take it just a tiny step forward by providing money (sometimes) from a distance. 

Mom’s Fault

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Many men who leave will blame their actions on the mother. They’ll claim she broke his heart by breaking up even though the breakup was mostly his fault. He either cheated, wouldn’t work, got into legal trouble, or struggled with addiction, but it was all her fault for not standing by his side while he brought them both down. 

Others will claim the mom is mean and wouldn’t let them have custody. However, these men never even attempt to get custody. They sign it over because they don’t actually want to parent; they want to get sympathy points by pretending their kids were stolen from them. 


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The routine of parenthood is boring. Mom’s too worried about caring for the kids to keep the excitement alive in the marriage, and Dad can’t be bothered to help. So, he seeks excitement elsewhere, and when he finds it, he abandons his stable, predictable family for something new and exciting. 

Reasons Not To Have Kids

Woman crossing her arms in a refusal gesture.
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Despite all the pressure to procreate, it’s perfectly valid not to want kids. Millennials and younger generations are opting out of parenthood at record rates. 

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