14 Surprising Ways Navigating the Covid Pandemic Changed Our Outlook on Life

The first two years of the 21st century’s rolling 20s were filled with turmoil. The COVID pandemic affected every aspect of our lives, and many of us will never be the same. 

Here’s how navigating the health crisis changed us. 

Rethinking Work-Life Balance

Woman balancing on a tightrope with college and career behind her and love and family ahead of her.
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The pandemic taught us that work isn’t everything. Many of us realized we’d rather have more balance than bigger paychecks. 

Growing Distrustful

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The government’s and the public’s handling of the crisis makes many of us question whether we’ll still be around in the next five years. 


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Seeing how millions demanded everyone go to work amidst a pandemic to “save the rich” made us even more jaded about society’s trajectory. 


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We dealt with a lot in a few short years. Many people feel burnt out and unable to cope with it all. 

Staying Home

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The pandemic forced everyone to stay home, and many of us discovered we liked it there. We don’t go out nearly as much as we used to, though rapidly rising may also affect our newfound homebody attitudes. 

Proving Profits Above People

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We all had the inkling in the back of our heads that society values profits over people, but the COVID pandemic proved it. We’re much more aware of just how powerful our corporate overlords have become. 

Work Doesn’t Matter

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Career-driven people have a newfound appreciation for life outside work. They realized working hard doesn’t matter. Living a good life is what matters. 

Cherish the Time Together

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Millions of people lost friends and family members during the pandemic. It taught us to truly appreciate every second we have with our loved ones. 

Wrong Career

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Many doctors and nurses learned that they don’t want to practice medicine anymore after working through the devastating pandemic. 

Living Authentically

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Life is short, so there’s no sense in spending your time hiding who you are. Living authentically is the best way to live. 

Focus on Health

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The pandemic forced many to think about how they were treating their bodies. This renewed focus led to healthy changes in diet and lifestyle. 

Appreciate Solitude

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Some people who couldn’t fathom staying home alone for a single night, much less two years, learned to appreciate the value of their own company. 

Giving Up On Libertarianism

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Many young people were drawn to Libertarianism as an excellent alternative to the current two-party system. However, the pandemic showed them we need the Government to ensure everyone gets taken care of because people are too selfish to do it alone. 

What Really Matters

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The biggest takeaway from the COVID pandemic is that life is short, and no one cares about you as much as you do. The only thing that truly matters is living a life true to your own dreams and desires. Many people quit their jobs to pursue their interests because they realized the castle we built didn’t really matter. 

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