Don’t Let These Stealthy Happiness Killers Destroy Your Life

As we strive for full, happy lives, we often don’t realize we’re standing in our own way. If you want to be happy, avoid these common happiness killers. 

The Comparison Game

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Stop comparing yourself to others. Your path is different. Embrace your own unique journey for a happy life


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Unhappy people turn to illicit substances to fill the void, but the fleeting, temporary boost comes with a drastic tradeoff. People get trapped in cycles of addiction and can’t break through to pursue true happiness. 


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Money can’t buy happiness. Sometimes, the endless pursuit of more money destroys relationships. Don’t let greed cloud your judgment. 

No Money

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Money may not buy happiness, but it can buy comfort and security, two essential ingredients for happiness. Settling for a low-wage job or spending needlessly on junk can destroy your joy by destroying your financial security

There’s a delicate balance between needing money to be happy and letting money go to your head. 

Over Thinking

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The majestic human brain claims responsibility for millions of innovations throughout the centuries. Unfortunately, the magic that helps us achieve space travel also causes us to obsess about every little detail. 

Constantly Waiting

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Happiness is a state of mind more so than an event. Far too many people think they’ll be happy after they achieve some next level of their life, like graduating college, getting a job, getting married, having a kid, retiring, etc. 

You’ll never achieve it if you’re always waiting to be happy. True happiness lies in the adventure. 


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Debt is a massive chain holding you down. Debt keeps us trapped in toxic jobs and prevents us from living the life of our dreams. Work to pay off the debt so you can do what you want with your life. 

Bad Decisions

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Our own bad decisions are often the root of our demise. People lie, cheat, and steal, then wonder why they’re stuck in miserable situations. 

The grass isn’t always greener. Be a good person, take your vows seriously, and avoid hurting others.


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Some folks can’t achieve happiness because they’re burdened with trauma. If something from your past is affecting your future, seek help. A professional can help you overcome the trauma for a brighter tomorrow. 

Lack of Action

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Planning is fun, but the doing part is the fun part. Stop talking about writing a book, traveling the world, or taking that class and do it. 


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Not all barriers to happiness are self-inflicted. Chronic health problems can limit our abilities, and the healthcare system in the United States makes things far worse for those with health problems. 


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Fear holds us back from achieving greatness. We stop reaching for the stars for fear we’ll miss them but end up trapped in a comfort zone of joyless complacency. 


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Our egos protect us from harsh criticism, but they also hinder our growth. We must set aside our egos and open ourselves up to the possibility that we’re wrong about things to truly achieve happiness. 


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People with fixed or scarcity mindsets may limit their happiness by limiting their minds. They think growth and abundance are out of reach, and so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Change your mindset and accept the abundance the world has to offer. 


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Humans, as social creatures, crave connections. Self-reported lonely people report higher levels of unhappiness than those who aren’t lonely. 

The good news is loneliness isn’t forever, and most people have complete control over their social lives. If you’re lonely, do something that helps you meet people. Take a class, join a club, volunteer, and put yourself out there. 

Social Constructs

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Far too many people follow society’s path without thinking whether it’s what they want. You don’t have to stick to standard gender roles, follow a religion you don’t agree with, or follow the life script someone else laid out for you. 

Live your life for you to obtain true happiness. 

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