11 Free Resources for Alleviating Boredom

When we’re bored, we often pick up our phones and start the endless scrolling. It’s hard to find ways to alleviate boredom, especially when we don’t want to spend money. 

Hobbies are great, but even the cheapest hobbies have some start-up costs, and sometimes we just want to waste a little time without diving into something big. 

Try one of these the next time you’re twiddling your thumbs, looking for something to do!


A woman with a shocked expression holds an open book out in front of her as if she's shocked by the pages. Her pigtails fly in the air behind her.
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Books aren’t free, but most of us likely have some lying around that we never got the chance to read. The next time you’re bored, pick up one of those lost books and give it a chance. 

Alternatively, many localities issue small, free publications showcasing the happenings around town for the next month or so. Grab one of those and see what’s happening in your community. 


A man sits on a couch and lean towards his pet cat, who's leaning towards him.
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When on our phones, we often miss connections with people and things around us. One user offered sage advice for alleviating phone-induced boredom.

“Close all electronics and connect with anything- your pets, the outdoors, other people,” they said. It’s amazing how much petting the cat or taking a short walk around the block can do to improve your mood. 


A group of volunteers doing charity work outside.
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If you have plenty of free time, consider giving back to your community. Volunteering is a free way to help others when you’re bored. 

“I second volunteering. Not only is it a good thing to do as a human being, it looks great if you do it enough, especially as a student,” one user added. 


female artist drawing a human portrait with pencil
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Drawing only requires pen and paper, which you likely have lying around. Pick up your pencil and start doodling!

You can draw hundreds of things when you’re bored, from sketches of your surroundings to imaginative creatures. It’s a great way to alleviate boredom with some creativity. 


Career woman relaxing in the grass.
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One user said we don’t always have to be doing something. “Go to your nearest park, lay a blanket down on the grass, and just chilllllll, baby,” they responded. 

It’s hard to relax when society worships work, but it’s good for you. Sometimes you have to embrace the boredom and get comfortable doing nothing. 


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We have a wealth of information at our fingertips. Why waste time doom scrolling when we can be learning something new?

Although many online learning platforms cost money, some offer free courses. You can also learn new skills with Youtube or Wikipedia. 


A woman sits at her desk, writing on an old typewriter. She's crossrefrencing books for her work, which represents plot elements.
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Most people can start writing for free with their computers, journals, or scratch paper. Why not put your imagination to work and write a story if you’re bored?

If you’re not creative, you can opt to journal instead, writing about your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Journaling has numerous benefits, making it an ideal option. You can alleviate boredom and reap the wellness rewards!


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If you want to alleviate enduring boredom, join a community sports team. “Since I have no pals, I chose to join a leisure adult sports league,” joked one user.  “Even if I still don’t have any friends, at least I get to act like I do once or twice a week. Recommend,” they added. 

Joining the local team can also help you make new friends, opening up worlds of possibilities of fun things to do. 

Learn a Language

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You can learn a new language on Duolingo for free! One Redditor said it’s a great way to waste time while learning something useful. 

“I started learning Spanish on Duolingo when I was bored,” they said.  “715 days later, and it’s proven useful.”

It never hurts to learn a new language. You never know when it will come in handy. 


Happy man holding a video game controller sitting on a couch like he's playing a game.
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Gaming isn’t free, but most of us have at least one system at home or free apps on our phones. If you have a few free hours, get lost in your favorite game for a while. 

Dig out that old console and hook up some of your favorite retro games for a blast from the past, or download an app like Mistplay to get paid to play silly phone games. 


Woman looking away into a room with her back to the amera. She has her hands on her hips and cleaning supplies in them. She looks as if she's ready to tackle the chores.
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One Redditor said cleaning and tidying up are great options when we have nothing to do. Is this our mother, using Reddit to share their favorite “I’ll give you something to do” threat?

Jokes aside, having a clean space leads to a clear mind, so it never hurts to tidy up a bit when bored. 

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