Let Go of Trivial Matters: These Won’t Matter in Five Years So Stop Stressing

We spend far too much time obsessing over details that don’t really matter. A good rule of thumb is if you won’t care in five years, you shouldn’t care now. 

Here are some things you can let go of that you won’t remember in five years anyway. 

Wedding Details

A ballroom and tables set up for a fancy wedding.
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Stop stressing out about the perfect napkins, place settings, and flowers. In five years, all people will remember is whether the food was good and whether they had fun. 

That Petty Fight

couple at a computer looking stressed out.
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Stop holding onto the pain of a petty fight if your relationship is good overall. Sometimes fights highlight problems in a relationship that should be addressed, but if you have a silly random fight over something that doesn’t matter, let it go. 

A Cancelled Meet Up

Uspet annoyed looking man with his arms crossed.
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It’s frustrating when people flake, but will you remember that your friend had a last-minute emergency and bailed on an event in five years?

Comments from Strangers

close up of a woman making a rude face
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Don’t let people get to you if you don’t know them. Some folks thrive on getting angry reactions from others. Don’t give them pleasure. Let it go, and move on with your day. 

Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth

Woman with her palm on her head and a grimace on her face as if to say she made a mistake.
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We’re often our harshest critics. Sometimes we say things that unintentionally offend someone else. Apologize and move on. Unless you habitually say rude things, no one will remember in five years. 

A Botched Interview

woman sitting alone in a small row of chairs waiting on an interview.
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Sometimes things aren’t meant to be. We can ace an interview and still not get a job. Don’t dwell on it. 

Instead, find ways to improve your skills and be ready when the opportunity comes again. Five years from now, you’ll barely remember this one failed interview. 

A Break-Up

Couple standing back to back each holding one half of a torn paper heart.
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Break-ups are usually for the best. Although they hurt at the moment, when you look back in a year, you’ll see how much better your life is because you broke up. 

A Mistake at Work

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We all make mistakes. Forgetting to send that email or making a typo on that last report isn’t the end of the world. The boss may ride you for a day, but he’ll forget by next month, so you should stop dwelling on it. 

The Latest Fashion

Trendy hipster teenage girl wearing sunglasses in pink light.
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Don’t worry if you can’t keep up with all the trends. What’s in today will be out tomorrow, so it doesn’t matter if you miss it. Instead, focus on what you like and cultivate a style that fits you despite the trends. 

What People Think

three mean people, a woman in front and two men behind her.
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As you grow older, you realize that what other folks think doesn’t matter. It won’t matter in five years that the cute guy at the counter thinks you’re weird or that the old lady judged you on the subway. Stop worrying about what others think, and be yourself.

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