Let Swifties Be Swifties: 5 Reasons You’re Being Too Hard on Young Fans

Taylor Swift’s popularity continues to soar thanks in part to a dedicated fanbase. But these ride-or-day fans who call themselves “Swifties” attract a lot of ire in the online community. 

What’s a Swifty?

A man with a Taylor Swift tour shirt.
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According to Wikipedia (Yes, there is an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the enigma that is a “Swiftie!”), “Swifties are the fandom of American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Regarded by journalists as one of the largest and most devoted fanbases, Swifties are known for their high levels of participation, creativity, and fanaticism.”  

You Can’t Escape Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift singing at a concert.
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If you haven’t lived under a rock, you have heard of Taylor Swift. We’ve all heard her songs in the grocery store, on the radio, or seen her face in commercials for one of her numerous sponsorships. She’s everywhere. Her face, her music, her name being uttered so often by young girls & boys and adults alike that you could make it a drinking game and proceed to get annihilated on a daily basis.

She Invaded Football

A football with the Kansas City Chief's logo.
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With her recent rumored involvement with Kansas City Chief’s star Travis Kelce, she’s even invaded the traditionally male football space, the NFL!

Taylor Swift’s Massive Appeal

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I was once a Taylor Swift fan. Taylor’s music appealed to the emotional teenager I once was. Her music at that time filled a void that desperately craved angsty, dramatic, sing-a-long songs that I could easily insert my current crush and myself into, which is precisely what I did.

Though I’ve since outgrown the angst, I still understand the massive appeal. 

The Backlash Against Swifties

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Like anything popular with young girls, Taylor Swift draws a lot of negative attention from misogynists and the media in general, who ridicule everything she does. Swifties face scorn, hatred, and ridicule for the simple act of enjoying something they love. 

Let Swifties Be Swifties

happy woman looking up as small pieces of confetti sprinkle down. It looks as though she's recieving joy in her life to represent positive affirmations.
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Stop the hate against Swift fans and let them live their lives. Here’s why you need to stop mocking Swifties. 

We All Made Videos

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Do you think the TikTok generation is the first to make goofy videos? Young girls no longer have embarrassingly terrible quality videos of themselves singing and dancing to Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi (at least none that have seen the light of TikTok). Social media is intertwined with everything they do, giving them something different. 

Swifties Have Higher Quality Videos

A teenage girl filming a high quality tiktok video on her cell phone.
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They seem to have skipped right over those character-building awkward stages and right into exceptional make-up artistry, outfit coordination supremacy, and, of course, a seemingly endless catalog of cheeky dance moves.

But They’re Still Embarrassing

A slightly embarrassed woman laughs as she covers her face.
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I sometimes have second-hand embarrassment from watching these events unfold before me while trying to squeeze through the wall of adolescence and into my local Starbucks, careful not to let a kick-ball-change dance become my demise.  But so what?

Let Them Enjoy It

Red head woman making a fish face and crossing her eyes.
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There isn’t anything wrong with what they’re doing. Life experiences evolve with every new generation that comes into their own, and while they will laugh at themselves when they are older at how ridiculous they could be, I choose not to laugh at them but with them!

Kids Under So Much Pressure 

A teenager sits at a desk with her hand on her head looking sadly into space.
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They love Taylor Swift, and they love TikTok. I am so thankful not to have grown up in today’s society where children are pressured to live ” IRL ” and maintain a performative “cyber-life” all at the same time! These kids are under a lot of pressure, so can we just let them enjoy their favorite music without relentless scrutiny?

Taylor Swift’s Charity Work

Taylor Swift at the 2019 Billboard Women In Music held at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood.
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There are far worse icons for kids to worship. With Taylor Swift’s success, she has donated or raised MILLIONS of dollars for countless charities throughout her career. She is literally out here trying to save the world. 

Get Your Swift on for the Holidays

Taylor Swift wears red and performs under red and green lights in 2012.
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Now that it’s the Holiday season, Swift has a few Christmas jingles that will find you on your favorite holiday radio station! You can’t beat the Swifties, but you can join them!

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