18 Female Twitch Streamers you Need to Follow

Gaming has long been considered a male domain, but the ladies are fighting back. Female Twitch streamers are on the rise and dominating in various online communities. 

Many posts celebrating female streamers focus on the handful that made huge careers out of Twitch, but this one is slightly different. Here you will find smaller female Twitch streamers that you might not have considered following. 

The ladies on this list may not be Twitch superstars yet, but they are unique streamers who deserve more publicity. 

Female Twitch Streamers You Need to Follow

I’ve cultivated a list of 18 outstanding female Twitch streamers you need to follow. These extraordinary ladies are thriving on Twitch, growing their communities, and slowly but surely dismantling the stereotype that Twitch is for boys.

You might be surprised at the variety of content these extraordinary ladies are pushing out. But you shouldn’t be – whether it’s MMO, horror, platform, FPS, or anything else, gaming is slowly but surely making room for the ladies.

Check out these rising star female Twitch streamers:


Briikachu is a League of Legends master! And she’s also the most wholesome streamer that I’ve ever met. She built a community around being an epic League of Legends player (she’s in a Gold League!) while also being incredibly supportive of everyone around her.

She showcases her sense of community by being a part of the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) stream team, promoting positivity above all else. Briikachu radiates warmth in all that she does – if anyone is looking for a welcoming stream to call home, you need to check her out. 

Visit Briikachu on Twitch!


Check out StarryEyes89 for a fun stream bursting with personality. She loves Disney and showcases that love within most streams by wearing Mickey Mouse ears. 

StarryEyes89 is welcoming and personable, making her streams enjoyable for all viewers.  She doesn’t shy away from silly challenges, like singing or ASMR, and knows how to laugh at herself. 

Watching Starryeyes stream is always a good time. She treats her chat like family and is always welcoming and engaging.

Check out StarryEyes89 on Twitch!

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You can usually find BouncyFerret11 patrolling the high seas in Sea of Thieves, but she also occasionally plays Call of Duty, Minecraft Dungeons, and other games.

 BouncyFerret is unique because she’s built her community without a camera, and that’s a difficult thing to accomplish for any small streamer. But her attitude and her gameplay speak for themselves; no camera needed.

Watch BouncyFerret11 on Twitch!


xSadShadowx is the nicest person ever. She streams various games, from platformers like Mario to random indie games, and always gives off sweet, wholesome vibes.

xSadShadowx is also a writer for Mental Health Gaming, a website dedicated to supporting mental wellness while showcasing their favorite video games. She doesn’t shy away from talking about complex mental health issues on her stream and helps cultivate a safe space for those who are struggling.

Although XSadShadowx is more active on Youtube and TikTok, some of Twitch’s biggest rivals, she occasionally hosts a Twitch stream. Catching the live show on Twitch is definitely worthwhile!

Visit XSadShadowX Twitch channel!


Seasaltflavour is a disabled horror streamer. Her main goal is to raise awareness about invisible disabilities and support folks who struggle in ways that the general public may not be able to see. She often discusses her disability on stream and has even lived streamed appointments with her therapist.

Seasaltflavour chose to be a horror streamer because she gets scared easily and thought it would be entertaining for people to watch her freak out over every little thing in the game. And she’s right; it’s always a good time. 

Though Seasaltflavour can’t stream as often as she’d like due to her disability, her streams are always a delight, and she’s worth a follow so you can catch her when she goes live. 

Follow Seasaltflavour on Twitch!


Beary (you can read her name as “Hi, I’m Beary!) streams whatever catches her fancy – art, MMOs, FPSes, RPGs, rhythm games, puzzle games, and on one rare occasion, building a custom keyboard.

Although she began streaming only sporadically, she found that she enjoyed engaging with viewers to discuss a range of topics, as well as showing off her unique “skills” at games, and now has a regular schedule in which she’s live four or five days a week.

She’s proud that viewers describe her stream’s atmosphere as cozy, but she has no comment on the other description of belonging on some kind of government watchlist. 

In place of a face cam, she uses a PNGtuber of a feline-adjacent cryptid with approximately fifteen eyes all gazing soullessly into the void.  It’s just a typical cat, though.

Check out Hiimbeary on Twitch!

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Joieoieoieo (Joie for short)  is a small streamer who focuses on connecting with her viewers. She is all about engaging with chat and making her stream a good time for all. She mainly plays PUB-G and Call of Duty; but also streams various party games, inviting her viewers to join in on the fun. Joie’s streams are 18+. 

She is constantly supporting her fellow streamers and managing her Discord while wrangling her five energetic boys when she is not streaming.

Watch Joieoieoieo on Twitch!


Chavi is trilingual – she speaks three languages! Though she mostly sticks to English for her streams, you can also catch her streaming in Spanish or Portuguese. 

LovefromChavi is a variety streamer. You can catch her playing games like Roblox or League of Legends, but she also does just chatting streams where she draws and plays silly games with her audience. 

Visit LovefromChavi on Twitch!


Diacrossery claims to be shy, but you wouldn’t know that from watching her streams. She’s very personable and always engaging with her chat and her friends or fans on social media.

You can usually find her playing Genshin Impact, but she sometimes mixes it up with a different game like Monster Hunter. She also aspires to grow as a creator, and make a difference, someday.

Check out Diacrossery on Twitch!


If you want a wholesome, cozy, inclusive stream featuring a cat cam, you need to check out HiHelloRachel. 

Although she’s a variety streamer, you can usually catch her playing games like The Sims and Stardew Valley. She’ll host a baking stream on occasion to show off her incredible culinary skills as well!

One primary reason to check out HiHelloRachel is her fantastic support of others. She provides a safe place for others to talk about life, pets, or whatever is on their minds and works to bolster other female streamers in the community. 

Visit HiHelloRachel on Twitch!


Scarlet is a variety vampire Vtuber. She loves JRPGs, comfy, indie, and building-style games, but will try her hand at horror games when she is pulled in by a friend and sometimes alone. She loves to laugh and chat with her community. 

Scarlet has started movie/anime/tv nights in her discord every other week. She likes to share her love of anime and movies with her. Also, the viewers love to use her channel points to hear her dog, Kaiba, howl for them and pay or not pay their blood tax.

Watch Vampricprincessty on Twitch!


ashersz is a variety streamer with a passion for indy games, but you can often find her streaming massive multiplayer online games such as Fall Guys or Fortnite. 

Her streams are fun and engaging, and you can often find her collaborating with the next female streamer on this list, Coopackshun.

Check out ashersz on Twitch


Want a variety stream filled with laughs and adult humor? Visit Coopackshun, whose biggest goal is to make her viewers howl with laughter. 

Although she mainly plays Dead by Daylight, Coopackshun considers herself a variety streamer because she’s always open to playing different games and enjoys collab streams with her friends. 

Her entertaining channel is marked adult only due to mature humor. 

Visit Coopackshun on Twitch


Plaguebby, who goes by Bby or Devi, has been streaming for about a year can’t imagine doing anything else! She started streaming for fun and had no idea how much the platform and community would come to mean to her. 

Upon discovering streamers like Buffpup and Shylily, Plaguebby decided to become a Vtuber, feeling it would help her embrace her creativity and goofiness on stream. Her favorite game is Doom, and you’ll often find “doom guy” dancing in the corner of her streams.

As a variety streamer, Plaguebby enjoys playing silly gamers with her community, watching videos suggested by fans, and even making art as a channel redemption point. Her goal is to bring happiness to others and make her viewers smile, which she often does with her trademark goodnight smooch before signing off. 

Watch Plaguebby on Twitch!


WhaleWhyNot is a variety streamer that loves playing all types of games, from cozy story games to first-person shooters. She strives to create a safe space for those who join and always offers laughs and smiles. 

Whalewhynot wants gaming to be fun and would rather have a great time than worry about being an expert. She advocates for chronic illness and mental health and uses her streams to comfort those who need help and educate those who may not understand the challenges. 

Watch WhaleWhyNot on Twitch!


IzzyParadox mainly streams music. She calls it “The Live Action Pianist Simulator” because she gets the experience of being a practicing musician without all the work. 

You will hear all genres of music on Izzy’s streams, from classical music to pop, rock to epic video game tracks. 

IzzyParadox offers a unique yet entertaining stream, and viewers looking for something different should check her out. 

Visit IzzyParadox on Twitch


HeySmallz is a streamer and an actress, so you better believe she knows how to entertain! She’s a variety streamer who typically plays puzzle, horror, or adventure games, but she will also venture into other genres if the mood strikes.

Heysmallz was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2019 and uses streaming to raise money for treatment and awareness for the illness.

Visit HeySmallz on Twitch!


Kawaayeet just started her streaming journey, so is an ideal choice for those wanting to support a new small streamer. She mostly plays Valorant, Roblox, and Minecraft but is open to adding new games to the mix as she grows her channel. 

Kawaayeet aims to create a chill community that’s inclusive to everyone and help promote other women in the gaming industry. 

Follow Kawaayeet on Twitch!

Who is the Biggest Female Twitch Streamer

Although this post isn’t about the most prominent female Twitch streamer, it doesn’t hurt to talk about her for comparison’s sake. The top female streamer of 2022 was Amouranth, pulling in over 32 million watch hours. Ironmouse came in second with a little over 20 million watch hours. 

The ladies still have a lot of catching up to do. The top male streamer had nearly 224 million watch hours in 2022, and the top ten male streamers each had over twice as many watch hours as the top two women. 

Why it’s Important to Support Female Streamers

Female gamers, YouTubers, and content creators, in general, are often dismissed as “influencers,” while their male counterparts get celebrated as “entrepreneurs.” 

Many gaming communities are toxic hives filled with misogyny, where men cry foul if a woman dares enter. How can we forget the infamous gamergate, the hate-filled quest to destroy female creators?

Although that was a few years ago, toxicity persists in gaming. Many female gamers refuse to use microphones and cameras lest they be targeted for harassment for the horrible crime of gaming while female. 

Twitch, Misogyny, and Female Bodies

Female Twitch streamers also have to toe a fine line between being comfortable in their own bodies and not appearing too sexual. Many men already assume that women only get popular because they are attractive or sexual – because why else would people watch a woman play a game if not for her body?

This disgusting attitude is not only common but often celebrated. Women who do happen to show extra skin are called a plethora of derogatory terms that I refuse to repeat and are even accused of creating adult content on Twitch. 

God forbid a well-endowed woman wants to be taken seriously as a gamer. The amount of vitriol aimed at women for trying to be comfortable in their bodies is astounding.

Some female Twitch streamers do use their sexuality as a draw. However, there are two crucial points to remember. First, the vast majority don’t. But second, and more importantly,  it’s nothing to be disrespected over.

Women’s bodies are used to sell everything, from beer to cars to food, so why shouldn’t women be able to use their own bodies to promote their creative endeavors? 

Female video game characters are renowned for being scantily clad and drawn to appeal to the male gaze, so why is it wrong for female content creators to cosplay as these characters and use this fantasy to their advantage? Women are inundated from birth with the message that their only worth lies in their ability to be attractive, so why are they then punished for using that to support themselves?

Women are ostracized for being themselves, being comfortable in their own skin, dressing up, dressing down, and basically just existing in the world of gaming. 

It’s time to put an end to it. 

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Support Women in Gaming

You can help by speaking out against misogyny and toxicity when you see it. Promote the change you want to see in the world. Call out your friends for their toxic behavior, and treat women like the people that they are. 

You can also help by supporting female Twitch streamers on their platforms. Hop into their chat as a viewer,  promote them on your social media channels, and even become a subscriber (you can subscribe to one awesome creator per month for free if you have Prime!).  

Join gaming communities designed for women, such as r/girlstreamer on Reddit, and support the women trying to make it in gaming. 

Give Female Twitch Streamers an Equal Chance

Most of the women on Twitch are making content that’s just as good, if not better, as the men. Give them a chance. It’s time to retire the tired stereotype that women aren’t any good at video games.