20 Female Twitch Streamers you Need to Follow

Gaming has long been considered a male domain, but the ladies are fighting back. Female Twitch streamers are on the rise and dominating in a variety of online communities. Most posts you will see celebrating female streamers focus on the handful that made huge careers out of Twitch, however, I want to promote some smaller female Twitch streamers. Those who haven’t made it big yet but who are amazing in their own right and deserve more publicity.

Female Twitch Streamers You Need to Follow

I’ve cultivated a list of twenty amazing female Twitch streamers that you need to follow. These awesome ladies are thriving on Twitch, growing their communities, and slowly but surely dismantling the stereotype that Twitch is for boys.

You might be surprised at the variety of content that these wonderful ladies are pushing out. But you shouldn’t be – whether it’s MMO, horror, platform, FPS, or anything else, gaming is slowly but surely making room for the ladies.

20 Female streamers


Briikachu is a League of Legends master! And she’s also the most wholesome streamer that I’ve ever met. She built a community around not only being good at League of Legends (she’s in a Gold League!), but also being incredibly supportive of everyone around her.

She showcases her sense of community by being a part of the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) stream team, promoting positivity above all else. Briikachu radiates warmth in all that she does – if anyone is looking for a welcoming stream to call home, you need to check her out. 


StarryEyes89 is such a fun streamer. She loves Disney and showcases that love within most streams with fun Mickey Mouse ears. My favorite thing about Starryes is how personable she is, and it makes her streams more enjoyable than most. She doesn’t shy away from silly challenges, like singing or ASMR.

Watching Starryeyes stream is always a good time. She treats her chat like family and is always welcoming and engaging.


MamaRexKatie is a mom streamer from Canada. She plays a variety of games, from soothing marbles to horrifying Phasmophobia.

MamaRexKatie doesn’t shy away from challenges. She just completed the Satan’s toe challenge on stream recently, which is where you have to keep a sucker made from the hottest peppers in your mouth for five minutes. Whether it’s chill games or fun challenges, you will always be entertained in her streams.


Emoreptar98 is another League streamer, though she sometimes mixes it up with other games. She’s a good Legends player, and you should watch her just for that. But she’s also a fun and engaging streamer, and she probably has the cutest emote of all the streamers on this list, too, a little green dinosaur (which she also has merch for).


Emoreptar98’s draw isn’t only for her gameplay and her chill vibes. She has tons of fun channel points which include cat cams, songs, singing, ASMR, and even the option to give her new ideas. She will also occasionally throw a cosplay stream into the mix, which is always a good time.


You can usually find BouncyFerret11 patrolling the high seas in Sea of Thieves, but she also occasionally plays Call of Duty, Minecraft Dungeons, and other games.

 BouncyFerret is unique because she’s built her community without a camera, and that’s a difficult thing to accomplish for any small streamer. But her attitude and her gameplay speak for themselves; no camera needed.


ItsmeBri is a super high-energy streamer. She’s constantly chatting, talking, and engaging with the audience and her stream in a multitude of ways. Their favorite game is Fallout, so you will generally find them streaming that, but she also plays League of Legends and other games on occasion.

One unique thing about ItsmeBri is their love of corsets. She often can be found streaming in a corset and will always sing their virtues and help dispel any myths about how uncomfortable a corset is. She is an incredibly fun streamer that’s always a joy to watch.


xSadShadowx is the nicest person ever. She streams a variety of games from platformers like Mario to random indie games, and always gives off sweet, wholesome vibes.

xSadShadowx is also a writer for Mental Health Gaming, a website dedicated to supporting mental wellness while showcasing their favorite video games. She doesn’t shy away from talking about difficult mental health issues on her stream and helps cultivate a safe space for those who are struggling.


Seasaltflavour is a disabled horror streamer. Her main goal is to raise awareness about invisible disabilities and support folks who struggle in ways that the general public may not be able to see. She often discusses her disability on stream and has even lived streamed appointments with her therapist.

Seasaltflavour chose to be a horror streamer because she gets scared easily and thought it would be entertaining for people to watch her freak out over every little thing in the game. And she’s right; it’s always a good time. She even started a community to build up fellow horror streamers, known as “The Scared Crew,” and they often stream special “under-rated horror” just chatting events, where they discuss horror and the paranormal not only in gaming but in real life as well.


Horror, Survival, and RPG, oh my! Himitsusj1 plays a variety of video games in these genres.  Himitsusj1 suffers from chronic pain. She is very open about discussing how she feels on a day-to-day basis and tries not to let it affect her stream. In fact, video gaming makes her feel productive, especially when the pain prevents her from being able to do much else.

Gaming helps Himitsusj1 relax and feel good about herself, and she loves to share those chill, positive vibes with her viewers.


Mz_Snowcat is a variety streamer, but you can often find her raising a ton of children in the Sims. She’s working through the 100-baby challenge in the game, and it’s incredibly entertaining to watch her deal with virtual kids of all ages.

The Simms isn’t her only game, though. As an avid online gamer, she also plays a lot of Elder Scrolls Online and TemTem.



Are you obsessed with the soul-borne series? Well, so is Zara_fen. You will typically find her streaming Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and other games within the franchise, but she does mix it up with some Sea of Thieves or Stardew Valley on occasion.

Zara_fen is pretty laid back, and her stream is chill even when she’s fighting a scary enemy. It’s a perfect stream to watch with your evening tea while you’re trying to unwind.


ByssheSims is a relaxing streamer who likes to play, you guessed it, the Sims. But she’s a variety streamer as well, delving into newer games such as Valheim and also playing multi-player games like Among Us. Her streams are always a good time. She’s usually laid back, but it’s fun to watch her get worked up when things don’t go right in-game.

One of the coolest things about ByssheSims’ streams is the charity of the month. She offers her community the ability to ban words via channel points, and she donates one pound to the selected charity for each time she messes up and says the word. It’s awesome that she’s using her platform and her stream as a way to bring awareness to different charities.



OhsoKarma likes to play massive multiplayer online battle royale-style games like Apex Legends and Fortnite. However, she has been known to dabble in more relaxing games like Stardew Valley as well.

OhsoKarma isn’t the best at video games, but she has a ton of fun with it, and in reality, I think that’s more important. It’s also fun to watch her rage when she messes something up!


Diacrossey claims to be shy, but you wouldn’t know that from watching her streams. She’s very personable and always engaging with her chat and her friends or fans on social media.

You can usually find her playing Genshin Impact, but she sometimes mixes it up with a different game like Monster Hunter. She also aspires to grow as a creator, and make a difference, someday.


SarahBearTV is a variety streamer. She plays tons of games, from the popular like Overwatch and Apex to games we’ve never heard of, like Ben and Ed and Creaks. It’s cool to see such a wide variety of games within one stream.

SaeahBearTV loves to engage with her audience, and she often plays games with them on stream or engages with them in a “just chatting” stream. She also does charity streams, and just raised over 1.5K pounds for Solace Women’s Aid. If you’re into women supporting women, SarahBearTV is the streamer for you!


xSarakali is the animal crossing queen. Her island is beautiful, and she’s constantly upgrading it and sharing her island journey with her fans. A Nintendo streamer at heart, she sometimes mixes it up by adding Mario Kart to the mix, which she often plays competitively with her viewers.

On occasion, she will do a just chatting stream or play something different like Tetris or the Sims, but you will usually find her beautifying Nook Island.


WatchWhitney is a hardcore horror streamer. She’s a regular contributor on SeasaltFlavour’s under-rated horror and has a wealth of knowledge related to the paranormal.

WatchWhitney doesn’t get scared often, but when she does, it’s highly entertaining. One of the best things about her is how she can have a terrifying jump scare and then laugh about it. If you’re into horror, WatchWhitney needs to be on your list.


SuperSecretPookie is the newest streamer on this list. She’s the only streamer who started in 2021, and she just recently hit the coveted affiliate status.  You can typically find SuperSecretPookie playing overwatch, but she does like to play games with her friends and viewers as well.

One thing I really like about SuperSecretPookie is that she’s just a genuinely nice person. She loves to support others and lift everyone up, and as you PartnersinFire readers know, I think that’s a beautiful thing.



HeySmallz is a streamer and an actress, so you better believe she knows how to entertain! She’s a variety streamer who typically plays puzzle, horror, or adventure games, but she will venture into other genres as well if the mood strikes.

Heysmallz was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2019 and uses streaming as a way to raise money for treatment and to raise awareness for the illness.


Not to toot my own horn…but I stream sometimes! You should check out the other awesome ladies on this list before me because my stream schedule is very inconsistent. Blogging is my first love! But I do stream on occasion. I’m not the best gamer in the world, but I do my best to be entertaining!

Who is the Biggest Female Twitch Streamer

Although this post isn’t about the biggest female Twitch streamer, it doesn’t hurt to talk about her for comparison’s sake. The top female streamer overall is Valkyrae, who actually performs on Twitch’s biggest competitor, Youtube. It’s cool to see the ladies killing it on a variety of streaming platforms!  The top female Twitch streamer is Pokimane. Both content creators had over 23 million hours watched in 2020, which is amazing.


However, the ladies still have a lot of catching up to do. The top male streamer had nearly 150 million watch hours in 2020, and all of the top ten male streamers had over twice as many watch hours as the top two women. 

Why it’s Important to Support Female Streamers

Female gamers, YouTubers, and content creators, in general, are often dismissed as “influencers” while their male counterparts are celebrated as “entrepreneurs.”  Many gaming communities are toxic hives filled with misogyny, where men cry foul if a woman dares enter. How can we forget the infamous gamergate, the hate-filled quest to destroy female creators?

Although that was a few years ago, a lot of toxicity can still be found in gaming. Many female gamers refuse to use microphones and cameras lest they be targeted for harassment for the horrible crime of gaming while female. 

Twitch, Misogyny, and Female Bodies

Female Twitch streamers also have to toe a fine line between being comfortable in their own bodies and not appearing too sexual. Many men already assume that women only get popular because they are attractive or sexual – because why else would people watch a woman play a game if not for her body? This disgusting attitude is not only common but often celebrated. Women who do happen to show extra skin are called a plethora of derogatory terms that I refuse to repeat and even accused of doing soft-core porn on Twitch. God forbid a well-endowed woman wants to be taken seriously as a gamer, the amount of vitriol aimed at women for trying to be comfortable in their own bodies is astounding.

Some female Twitch streamers do use their sexuality as a draw. However, there are two important points to remember. First, the vast majority don’t. But second, and more importantly,  it’s nothing to be disrespected over.

Women’s bodies are used to sell everything, from beer to cars to food, so why shouldn’t women be able to use their own bodies to promote their own creative endeavors? Female video game characters are renowned for being scantily clad and drawn to appeal to the male gaze, so why is it wrong for female content creators to cosplay as these characters and use this fantasy to their own advantage? Women are engrained from birth with the message that their only worth lies in their ability to be attractive, so why are they then punished for using that for gain? 

Women are ostracized for being themselves, being comfortable in their own skin, dressing up, dressing down, and basically just existing in the world of gaming. It’s time to put an end to that. 

Support Women in Gaming

You can help by speaking out against misogyny and toxicity when you see it. Promote the change you want to see in the world. Call out your friends for their toxic behavior, and treat women like the people that they are. 

You can also help by supporting female Twitch streamers on their platforms. Hop into their chat as a viewer,  promote them on your social media channels, and even become a subscriber (you can subscribe to one awesome creator per month for free if you have Prime!). 


If you want to get even more involved, you can join the Partners in Fire discord. It’s a community where gamers from all races, genders, ethnicities, and geographies can come together and help lift each other up. I’ve discovered many of the amazing women on this list through that Discord server, and we’ve helped a ton of streamers become Twitch affiliates. It’s not specifically a “women in gaming” Discord, but one of the owners (me!) is a woman, and we are all about wholesome support for everyone in the community. 

If you are looking for a community specifically for women, check out r/girlstreamer on Reddit. 

Who are Your Favorite Female Twitch Streamers?

Now that I’m off my soapbox, tell me about your favorite female Twitch streamers! Let’s all go check them out!