Gaming Gone Wild: Meet The States Most Obsessed With Their Video Games

Gaming took the world by storm in the early 80s and has become a favored hobby for millions of Americans. Some states take their love of gaming to a higher level

10 States Obsessed with Gaming

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Online Jigsaw site I’m-A-Puzzle conducted an in-depth review of gaming search terms in each state to determine which states love gaming the most. They analyzed over 1000 gaming-related searches, such as “Steam,” “PS5,” and “Nintendo Switch,” over the last 12 months. The researchers then did some math based on population to determine a search score based on interest per 100,000 residents. 

Here are the top 10 gaming-obsessed states.


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It comes as no surprise that the state renowned for adult gaming also loves video gaming. Nevada averaged over 75,000 gaming-related searches per 100,000 residents. 

Nevada residents mostly search for gaming platforms and consoles, with the terms “ps5,” “Steam,” and “Nintendo Switch” getting the most attention. 


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There are many things to do in the Peach State, but many residents prefer staying home to game, at least according to their search results. 

The state scored twenty points below Nevada in gaming-related searches per 100,000 residents, with the same three search terms topping the list. 

New York

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New York residents love gaming. Scoring only slightly below Georgia for inquiries per 100,000, big apple residents are constantly googling gaming terms. 

The state has over 475,000 average monthly searches for the top three phrases, “ps5,” “Nintendo Switch,” and “Steam” (combined, not each).


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With so many national parks to enjoy, it’s a wonder why Utah residents love gaming so much. Maybe when you live there, the natural resources lose their appeal.

Utah ranked 4th on the list for most gaming-related searches per capita. 


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Everything is bigger in Texas, including the gaming obsession. The number five ranking shows that Texans love their video games, despite all the wonderful things to do throughout Texas


Maroon Bells in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
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Colorado is an outdoor wonderland. Boasting the Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde, and many outdoor activities, it’s amazing that anyone has time for gaming.

Native Coloradoans disagree, as the state ranked 6th for most gaming-related searches. Perhaps gaming is the only option in the winter when there’s too much snow to go outside and the shoulder seasons when the mountains are covered in mud. 


One of the things to do in Illinios outside Chicago is visit the state capital
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Most people don’t consider all the beautiful things to do in Illinois, and apparently, the residents agree, as they ranked 7th on the list for gaming searches. 


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Virginia residents love gaming. Perhaps it’s a nice break from the political whirlwind in nearby DC. 


Annapolis harbor in Maryland
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Maryland ranked 9th for the most gaming-obsessed state, with a little over 7100 average monthly searches for gaming-related terms per 100,000 residents. 


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It makes sense that the state with the biggest population also has a massive love for gaming. The Golden State rounded out the top ten with 7130 average monthly searches per 100,000 residents. 

If you visit California, consider exploring all the state has to offer rather than staying indoors with your console. 

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Where Did Your State Rank?

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Here’s the complete list of each state’s rankings. 

  1. Nevada
  2. Georgia
  3. New York
  4. Utah
  5. Texas
  6. Colorado
  7. Illinois
  8. Virginia
  9. Maryland
  10. California
  11. Washington
  12. North Carolina
  13. Oregon
  14. Florida
  15. Arizona
  16. Ohio
  17. Tennessee
  18. Massachusetts
  19. Oklahoma
  20. Delaware
  21. Indiana
  22. Nebraska
  23. Pennsylvania
  24. Michigan
  25. Missouri
  26. North Dakota
  27. West Virginia
  28. New Jersey
  29. Connecticut
  30. Kentucky
  31. South Carolina
  32. Alabama
  33. Rhode Island
  34. New Mexico
  35. Kansas
  36. New Hampshire
  37. Arkansas
  38. Louisiana
  39. Wisconsin
  40. Minnesota
  41. Iowa
  42. Idaho
  43. Wyoming
  44. Maine
  45. Mississippi
  46. Alaska
  47. South Dakota
  48. Vermont
  49. Montana
  50. Hawaii