12 Old Habits We Wish Would Make a Comeback

As culture changes, so do traditions. It’s not always for the better, though. These 12 habits are swiftly disappearing, but we wish they’d triumphantly return!

The Warm Welcome

A young couple greeting their older neighbor with flowers.
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When someone new moved into the neighborhood, all the neighbors would bombard them with baked goods. It provided everyone a chance to meet the new family and offered a warm welcome to the neighborhood. 

Thank You Notes

Note with the word "Thank You" written in cursive and a pen beside it.
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We used to write thank you notes for everything, from Christmas gifts to attending a special event. Now, we’re lucky if we write them for wedding gifts. 

Repairing Stuff

A mechanic working on the underside of a car.
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Fifty years ago, it was unthinkable to throw stuff away. We’d learn to repair our old things and keep them forever. Now, our dumps and oceans are filled with stuff we tossed out after a single use. 


woman serving food at a fast food restaurant counter
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People may not have liked each other, but at least they were cordial in public. We’ve lost that civility. Everyone is constantly rude to everyone else. 

Getting Vaccines

Dr. vaccinating an older female patient.
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Vaccines eradicated diseases like polio and smallpox. People lined up to get them, knowing the simple jab would save them from the horrors of infection. Modern society is so spoiled they don’t know a good thing when they see it. 

Critical Thinking

Man and woman standing side by side each holding a pen and thinking.
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Schools used to teach us how to think, not what to think. Nowadays, people form opinions based on talking points they hear online. Few people think critically about something before parroting it on social media. 

Spending Time Outside

A happy older woman waters plants in her garden.
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We have so much entertainment at our fingertips that we’re self-isolating indoors. Older generations only had television, radio, and books to keep them occupied inside, so they relied on the outside world for all sorts of entertainment. We would be wise to spend more time out there. 

Fighting Fascism

A stoic woman standing in front of the American flag holding a chalkboard with the words "vote" and a checked off check box showing she voted.
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Americans used to fight for freedom and democracy, but now, many of the people who scream about freedom the loudest are actually trying to transform the US into a fascist regime. 


A happy woman holding a piggy bank in one sign and giving the "okay" signal with the other.
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Many people today crave instant gratification so much that they no longer know how to be frugal. They can’t recognize their wants from their needs and spend too much money trying to look cool. 

Helping Others

Silhouettes of two figures climbing a mountain. The figure on the top is reaching down to help the figure still climbing ascend.
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Helping someone else out used to be a common courtesy. We’d happily give up our seat for a pregnant rider, open the door for someone, or help the elderly with a heavy package. No one cares about anyone else in today’s “me first” society. 


A calm relaxed man who looks like he's meditating.
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Instant shopping and same-day delivery destroyed what little patience we had left. Consumers want everything now now now, and they’ll pitch a fit if they don’t get it. 

Using Turn Signals

A woman adjusts her rear view mirror as she drives.
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Modern cars have a fantastic feature allowing you to indicate your driving intentions to others. The turn signals let others know you’ll slow down to turn or want to switch lanes. They only work when you use them, though.

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