The Divine Feminine: How To Use Her Sacred Power to Improve Your Life

Women around the globe are waking up and embracing the divine feminine. From feminist awakenings to pushback against an oppressive culture, women are collectively regaining their power and looking to the ways of their ancestors for wisdom and growth.

Seek out this ancient spirit and uncover your true potential.

What is the Divine Feminine?

The concept of divinity morphs through times and cultures. A modern interpretation of the divine feminine is the inherent power hidden within all.  It speaks to the power we hold within ourselves to guide our own lives.

The divine feminine is the energy of the Earth, nurturing yet bold. It can create towering mountains and wipe entire islands off the planet.

Although the divine feminine is typically associated with women in the modern era, she is not limited to helping womankind. Anyone can embrace the sacred feminine by breaking the shackles of patriarchal societies, which are inherently hierarchical, and embracing the power within themselves.

The Divine Feminine in Antiquity

The Divine Feminine is as ancient as human civilization itself. Our earliest cultures worshipped the Earth Goddess, mother of all. The Greeks called her Gaia, and she personified the Earth.

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia worshipped Inanna, the Goddess of love and war, fertility, and procreation.  She’s associated with many later goddesses, including Ishtar, Aphrodite, and Venus.

Some of the earliest religious relics ever discovered depict the mother goddess. Archeologists call these prehistoric statues Paleolithic Venus. They date as early as 28,000 BCE, depicting the mother goddess as a woman with healthy large breasts and a round belly.

Many ancient peoples worshipped feminine deities associated with birth, regrowth, and the Earth’s natural cycles.  In Greek mythos, Persephone’s rise from the underworld ushers in spring. The Egyptians worshipped Isis, the Germans venerated Eostre (whose name gives us our favorite Spring holiday, Easter), the Hindus revere Saraswati, and the Norse adored Freya. All of these goddesses are associated with fertility and birth.

Christianity and the Divine Feminine

Even patriarchal religions like Christianity honor the divine feminine. Many Christian sects revere the Virgin Mary alongside her holy son. The heavenly mother birthed humanity’s savior.

Traditions from antiquity through the present acknowledge the sacred rite of motherhood and its importance to the continuation of our species.

What is the Symbolism of the Divine Feminine?

Divine feminine symbolizes female energy. In antiquity, it celebrated a woman’s ability to create life. Pregnancy and birth in humanity represented creation throughout the planet. It was associated with fertile soil for agriculture and healthy offspring for domesticated animals used as a food source.

In modern times, we’re separated from the trials and tribulations of basic survival, but the idea of the divine feminine as a creator remains. Now, it’s more associated with our imaginative creativity and inherent power to design our lives.

Feminine energy is creative energy, whether creating new life or new ideas. It’s also nurturing energy used to care for a newborn or coax the seedlings representing our dreams to grow into a powerful reality.

The Divine Feminine symbolizes intuition, compassion, and emotional depth. The energy encourages us to embrace the ebbs and flows of life, including our own vulnerabilities.

Symbols Representing the Divine Feminism

Throughout history, numerous symbols have been used to represent feminist energy. Common signs include the mother goddess (the Paleolithic Venus discussed earlier), snakes, serpents, water, triangles, the moon, and trees.

What are the Qualities of the Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine embodies qualities typically associated with women but intrinsic to all individuals regardless of gender.

Modern cultural and religious interpretations needlessly divide human emotions and experiences into specific gender roles, but everyone can embrace the attributes we define as “feminine” for a happier, healthier life. It’s society, not biology, that enforces these gender roles.

Looking at the top qualities of the divine feminine will showcase that they are characteristics highlighting the best of humanity and are not specific to any gender.


Recognizing and understanding other people’s emotions is one of the most critical human capabilities. It allows us to connect on a deeper level.


Mankind’s ability to nurture things beyond our young put the world at our feet. We nurture plants, animals, relationships, businesses, and ideas. In doing so, we build a world that works for us. 


When we see something in pain, our first instinct is to help. Humanity’s capacity for compassion knows no bounds.


Our instincts keep us alive. Many people consider intuition a woman’s realm, but everyone is capable of it if they nurture the ability.


Humanity thrived due to our ability to work together. Although many cultures lean into rugged individualism, history shows we do best when we embrace the collective.


Humanity is one of the only species capable of sensuality, yet many patriarchal societies do everything they can to inhibit it. The divine feminine is secure in her sexuality and offers a different way to think about sex and intimacy. It’s no longer a violent power struggle between male and female. It’s a sensual celebration of life and creation. 


People are capable of horrendous acts. But we can also learn and grow from our mistakes, and our capacity to forgive and move on knows no bounds.


The ability to care for things outside yourself isn’t restricted to a specific gender. Humans care about baby animals, the suffering of others, the state of the world, and abstract causes beyond the here and now.


A gentle touch and smile work wonders to alleviate the foulest moods. Anyone can embrace gentleness to make their loved ones’ lives better.


The divine feminine says we don’t have to change people to force them into molds. We can accept people for who they are and embrace our differences, ultimately strengthening our culture.

What is a Divine Feminine Awakening?

A divine feminine awakening is a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. When an individual embarks upon this path, they embrace the divine feminine qualities and work to create a better world.

The voyage awakens the hidden knowledge within us that highlights our true power to affect change in our lives and transcend our limiting beliefs. It gives us the ability to honor our authentic selves.

When a culture collectively undergoes a feminine awakening, it challenges social norms constructed by the patriarchy and works to create a more inclusive world that celebrates collaboration and connection over personal gain and selfishness.

The Rise of the Divine Feminine in Modern Culture

A resurgence of the divine feminine is sweeping through modern Western culture and instigating a massive backlash from individuals dedicated to our current hierarchy.

We can see the shift in the quest for equal rights and women’s sexual liberation. In the last century, women won the right to vote. Women can now own property, open bank accounts, divorce their husbands, and control their reproduction. We also see the shift in the workplace as more and more women enter the workforce, earn their own money, and become the breadwinners for their families.

The backlash to female empowerment is just as apparent. Women’s right to bodily autonomy was already stripped away, and other rights, such as no-fault divorce, are on the table. Men’s rights activists bemoan women’s ability to choose her mate and the fact that women no longer need men to live full, happy lives.

Not Just About Women Though

What naysayers miss is the divine feminine isn’t inherently about women. It doesn’t seek to elevate women above men.

We can see evidence of the divine feminine resurgence in slowly shifting work cultures, which embrace empathy as a critical leadership skill and in the political views that all humans deserve dignity and respect. 

The divine feminine is about human characteristics embodying humanity’s best parts: compassion, empathy, and collaboration.

The feminine coding is society’s doing, pushed by those who benefit from the current structure. The hidden puppet masters know that fear and greed are potent motivators and that if they label a cause as feminine, men will fear losing their societal privileges and fight against it. In reality, the qualities promoted by the divine feminine are inclusive and would benefit people of all genders.

Duality Inherent in Nature

The divine feminine is just one-half of the equation. A duality exists in nature and within each of us. The divine feminine is part of the whole and needs the other half: the divine masculine.

The divine masculine embodies courage, strength, leadership, objectivity, and action.

Neither truly relates to gender, but society has corrupted both and coded them to ensure that the “masculine traits” are deemed “good” while the feminine traits get dismissed. In reality, people need both at both the societal and individual levels.

We embrace the divine feminine here because it’s been regaled to the shadows for centuries, but it deserves equal placement with the divine masculine. Our society suffered greatly from its imprisonment.

How We Can Embrace the Divine Feminine

Embracing the Divine Feminine requires a collective effort to dismantle patriarchal systems, challenge stereotypes, and foster environments that nurture empathy and understanding.

But it’s also a journey of self-discovery.

Here’s how you can embrace the divine feminine in your own life.

Engage in Shadow Work

Shadow work helps us uncover our true selves by forcing us to contemplate the worst aspects of our personalities. It helps us become better people.

Practice Self Care

The divine feminine is all about nurturing, and that includes yourself. Nourish your body and your soul with self-care habits that energize and revitalize.

Embrace Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows us to be present in the moment. Slow down and take note of the things around you. Appreciate the flavors of each second.

Explore Spirituality

Christianity has a long history of oppression. Anyone who dared explore the power inherent within themselves risked grave consequences.  The religion preaches that adherents are worthless without the divine grace of god, while the divine feminine asks us to explore our abilities and recognize our own self-worth.

So explore it. Dabble in witchcraft and use the law of attraction to mold your life into what you want. Open yourself up to the possibility that you have far more power to control your destiny than you were led to believe.

Love Yourself

Self-love and acceptance are crucial to the divine feminine. The spiritual awakening tells us that we’re good enough as we are. We don’t need to fit into anyone else’s box.


Meditation allows us to ground ourselves and open our minds to the world of possibilities at our fingertips. Through meditation, we can commune with the deepest parts of our soul and let the divine feminine within ourselves break free.

Practice Gratitude

The divine feminine is about appreciating what you have. Stop looking at others with greedy eyes and take stock of the things you have in your life. When you genuinely appreciate what you have, you’ll discover what you actually need for a happy life.

Commune with Nature

You can see the divine feminine in the landscape’s natural beauty, hear it in the bird’s morning song, and smell it in the rolling tulip field.

Its fundamental essence is in the cycle of life: birth, death, regrowth, and renewal. Getting out into nature and breathing in the divine feminine of everything you see will help you appreciate its power in your own life.

Get Creative

The creative energy of the divine feminine isn’t limited to life. It embodies creation in all forms. Celebrate it by finding your creative energy. Draw, sing, write, act. Make jewelry and build tables.

Push Yourself

Don’t let the gentle nurturing nature of feminine energy trick you into thinking you must lay back and let life happen.  Divine energy makes things happen. It builds mountains, fills oceans, and grows massive forests. It’s not a passive, submissive energy but an active energy that takes charge of what it wants and pushes itself to its limits.

Pushing yourself may seem like an embrace of divine masculine qualities. But it’s essential to remember that healthy people embrace both. Pushing yourself while ignoring feminine qualities such as gentleness, empathy, and compassion can lead to selfishness and destruction, a situation where you put your own needs above the welfare of the community. Pushing yourself while embracing the divine feminine ensures you take each step while looking back and ensure that others can follow in your footsteps.

The World Needs Duality

The world has imprisoned feminine energies long enough. In nature, the masculine and feminine rule side by side, complimenting each other. Humanity thrust masculine energy to the forefront at the expense of the feminine, and society suffered for it.

It’s time to embrace the divine feminine and let it reclaim its space as an equal partner, both at the individual and societal level.

It’s time to celebrate the divine feminine.