Actions that Immediately Make Others Think Less of You

Are you inadvertently turning people off? Here are the top actions that other people immediately judge you for. 


woman throwing away a pair of glasses
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If someone sees you toss your trash on the ground, they will think less of you. It’s especially egregious when there’s a trash can nearby. 

If there’s not, just put your trash in your pocket. Don’t make the world worse. 


Young woman pointing and laughing in a mean way as if she just did a mean prank.
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If you put down others to feel better about yourself, others will think less of you. You may feel better now, but soon you’ll find that no one wants to be around you because you’re not nice. 

Schrodinger’s Jerk

A man points and laughs at a woman.
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Schrodinger’s jerk says and does terrible things for their own amusement, but as soon as someone calls them out for their awful behavior, it was “just a joke.”

Mean to Partner

man yelling at his girlfriend
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We can only imagine how awful you are to your partner in private if you have no qualms about putting them down in public. 

You should always treat your partner with dignity and respect regardless of the situation. Others judge you when you don’t. 

Willful Ignorance

man sticking a finger in each ear so he doesn't have to listen.
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Society has a weird way of celebrating those who dig in and refuse to change their views when presented with new facts, but some folks will judge you for it. 

It’s okay to be wrong and to be misinformed. It’s okay to change your mind when presented with new information. 

Mistreating Animals

a little brown terrier dog cowering like he's scared on a dark black background.
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It’s one thing to be mean to your fellow man; at least he can fight back. But everyone will hate you if you mistreat an innocent animal. 

Our pets rely on us for every aspect of their lives. Do right by them. 


A bored looking woman refusing gifts on her birthday.
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Some folks believe the world owes them. They expect everyone else to cater to them all the time. 

Kids are Kings

Angry child screaming.
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When I was a child, my parents would be on my case if I acted a fool in public or disrespected teachers. Nowadays, parents worship at the altar of their children. Kids can do no wrong.

We may not say anything if you refuse to discipline your child but trust we’re all judging you and feeling horrible for the kid who will grow up to be an entitled selfish jerk. 

Calling Themselves “Alpha”

Proud looking selfish man wearing a crown looking down on others.
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A surefire way to prove to everyone around you that you’re not a high-value “alpha” male is calling yourself that. 

Confident men don’t have to run around shouting their greatness from the rooftops. They’re just out there living their lives. 

“Alpha” men do not understand human relationships and cling to a theory that even the originator says is false. 

Rude to Waitstaff

woman serving food at a fast food restaurant counter
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You can tell a lot about someone by how they treat those they deem beneath them. If people are rude to service staff, you learn two valuable lessons. 

First, they believe human beings in low-paying jobs are beneath them, and second, they treat people they consider “beneath them” poorly. 

Not Putting the Shopping Cart Back

Happy man riding a shopping cart on a pink background.
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Returning the shopping cart is a two-second test that shows whether someone is selfish. It takes so little time to replace the cart to the corral, and yet some people can’t be bothered. 


Senior man and woman giggling and gossiping.
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Those who will talk bad about others to you will talk bad about you to others. We can’t trust those who spread lies and secrets about others. Not only is it bad form to speak poorly about others, but we can never be sure they don’t do the same to us. 

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