Need Proof that Companies are Evil? These Corporations Do Horrific Things and No One Cares

Companies have no morals. Making money is their sole desire, purpose, and goal. Without good humans keeping them in check, companies would destroy the planet in the never-ending drive for profits. 

Some Companies Are Evil

A faceless businessman holding up two workers on puppet strings, showcasing that they're simply puppets in his quest for profits.
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Some companies don’t have good people preventing them from dabbling in evil for the sake of profits. Their leaders, seduced by riches, ignore the evil doings as long as it puts money in their pockets. 

We Allow It

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Consumers are complacent in the company’s evil ways. We’ll buy their products no matter what they do, especially if they fit our budget or image. 

Typically, it’s not because we don’t care – it’s because we don’t know. No one talks about the awful things these companies do, so how should the consumer know?

A Reddit user asked the internet to share the most evil companies we don’t think about – here are the top responses. 


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Brookdale is a senior living conglomerate. The company thrives on milking seniors for all their worthwhile providing as little as possible in care. Our elders suffer abuse and neglect for the sake of Brookdale’s profits. 

Pearson Vue

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If you’ve ever taken a standardized test, Pearson Vue was likely involved. Reddit users claimed the proctoring software is outrageously expensive and highly flawed yet has a monopoly in the online proctored test niche, leaving people with no option but to pay up. 

Susan G Komen

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You’d think a foundation dedicated to cancer prevention would be good, right? Susan G Komen proves otherwise. People don’t realize that they only care about awareness. None of their efforts go into funding research or helping people suffering from the impacts of breast cancer. 

One user even said the foundation has actually sued other organizations for raising awareness about different cancers. If that’s true, they’d truly be evil. 

Knoa Pharmacy

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The opioid epidemic didn’t sprout from nowhere. Pharmaceutical companies actively pushed addictive substances to at-risk patients, and Knoa Pharmacy was one of the ring-leaders. 

They made millions off the suffering of others. 

Healthcare Corp of America

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The largest for-profit healthcare company in the nation makes bank when sick people stay sick. They have no scruples against charging outrageous prices for every aspect of your care and inflating the cost of things like aspirin and bandaids to make even more. 

They don’t care about helping Americans get and stay healthy. They’re only interested in how much money they can siphon from desperate people. 

Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army is another non-profit corporation pretending to be good while actively causing harm. The foundation is notoriously anti-LGBTQ and refuses to help folks who don’t fit into their religious box.

We don’t think Jesus said to help the downtrodden only if they believe what you believe. 


Example of an MLM downstream pyramid with one person at the top and their downstreams.
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Herbalife is evil on many levels. First, it’s an MLM, which forces unsuspecting victims to prey on their friends and relatives. But more importantly, it’s actually a dangerous product. 

The National Library of Medicine reports that Herbalife products can cause liver injury, though they couldn’t find the exact cause. 


Barrels filled with toxic chemicals in a wet landfill.
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The chemical company has its hands in nearly every modern luxury we enjoy, but those hands are far from clean. DuPont dumped massive amounts of chemical waste into oceans, landfills, and community rivers, resulting in birth defects, illness, and animal deaths. 


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Elsevier profits from government-funded research by restricting access behind a paywall. The academic journal company charges scientists to publish and students to access while relying on free labor to review the studies. 

The Wonderful Company

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California’s valleys are fertile ground for agriculture, but one company decided the drought-ridden state is the perfect place to grow crops that rely heavily on water. 

The company uses more water than the rest of California combined to grow crops that shouldn’t be in the central valley and to sell overpriced bottled water. 

Johnson and Johnson

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The family company destroyed families by ignoring the large quantities of asbestos present in baby powders. 

Cargill (and the other big meat-packing companies)

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Four meat packing companies, Cargill, Tyson, JBS, and National Beef Packing Company, are responsible for the reprehensible animal conditions we ignore. 

Yes, we all eat meat, so we need to raise and slaughter animals for food. But we could at least treat them humanly along the way. Cargill also has its fingers in the palm oil industry that decimates orangutan habitats in the south pacific. 

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