Hobbies We’d Love to Explore if We Could Afford It

Hobbies enhance our lives in immeasurable ways. Unfortunately, they cost money. Sometimes we can’t do the things we love because the price tag is too high. 

Here are the top hobbies people would love to try if they could afford it. 


A commercial airline pilot and copilot operating a plane in the cockpot.
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Man conquered the skies. Unfortunately, conquering them for yourself costs far too much money. Flight school and air time are too expensive for most. 


Happy man dressed like a tourist holding his passport up and his luggage over his shoulder.
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The world abounds with wonders awaiting discovery. Many people would spend their lives exploring everything the world offers if they didn’t have to worry about paying for it. 


Underwater coral reef scene brimming with life from fish to corals.
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Who wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in an underwater ecosystem to see the vast bounty of life thriving in the depths?

The PADI certification is too expensive for most, and even those who can afford it struggle to justify it when excursions to underwater wonderlands cost so much money. 

Vintage Cars

Line up of brightly colored vintage cars that only show the very front of the cars.
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They don’t make ‘em like they used to. Vintage cars hold a special place in our hearts, but unfortunately, they cost too much to obtain and maintain. 


Blacksmith at his forge.
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Wouldn’t it be cool to make your own iron wares? The cost of supplies and using a forge make the hobby a pipe dream for many. 

Building Restoration

creepy abandoned hotel room.
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Small-town America is dying, and nobody has the money to save it. Some folks would spend their time and money restoring old buildings to make these towns come back to life if they could afford it. 


Lego businesspeople in a Lego office.
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Speciality Lego sets cost a fortune. Lego enthusiasts love the hobby, but the cost doesn’t let them do as much as they’d like. 


A woman uses a pottery wheel with the focus on the wheel.
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Making pottery is expensive if you don’t have a wheel and a kiln. Although you can get a cheap pottery wheel for about $150, the good ones typically cost $400 and beyond. 

Most people can’t have kilns in their homes, so they’d have to rent kiln space to fire their pottery, which can get costly. 


fine art painting
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While beginners can start painting for cheap, people who get really into it know how much it can cost over time. Good oil paints aren’t cheap; you must also purchase brushes, solvents, and painting surfaces constantly. 


Stylish rich couple near the water, likely on a boat
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Nothing compares to the immense freedom you feel with the wind on your back on the open ocean. Unfortunately, sailing is far too expensive for most people. 


Blank warhammer supplies and tools on a green and white grid.
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Warhammer takes a lot of time and dedication. It’s also costly when you get into it. You’ll pay at least $500 for a starter army, and then you must pay for all the peripheral supplies, like paints and rule books. 

Horseback Riding

A line of horseback riders riding a trail with the ocean view in the background.
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The best way to get into horseback riding is to own a horse. However, owning and housing a horse is super expensive. 

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