Best International Destinations for First-Time Travelers

Ready to embark upon your first overseas trip? Consider one of these easy-to-navigate locales, which provide many opportunities for those who want to explore a new place without much hassle. 


Berlin Cathedral behind the river.
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Germany has beautiful castles and scenic roadways, but its major cities are easy to navigate and tourist-friendly. 

Consider Trier, Germany’s oldest city and home to impressive Roman ruins (along with one of the best restaurants in the world), or Berlin, a gritty city with a sordid modern history where travelers can learn about the Cold War and World War II. 


Barcelona Skyline with the church featured in the center.
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Barcelona offers a Mediterranean climate, rich Spanish culture, and an abundance of spectacular architecture. Spain also boasts beautiful beaches for those looking to relax with beach life on their trip. 

Barcelona is also ideal because it’s walkable and has an excellent public transportation network. 


Vancouver skyline at sunset with the river.
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Americans looking for the easiest foreign travel experience should look up. Canada features a variety of fantastic cities, each with a unique culture. 

Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto each offer a wide range of activities for travelers. 


Big Ben at dusk in London.
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London is an excellent option for first-timers because you get all the history and culture of Europe, but everyone speaks English, making it easy for Americans to navigate. 

London features a plethora of fascinating museums and the iconic red tour buses making it easy for tourists to get around the city. 


Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe with Mexico City in the background
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Resorts on the Mexican Riviera make ideal destinations for first-time travelers. Head to Cabo or Cancun to enjoy beach life in the lap of luxury, or visit Mexico City for an immersive cultural experience. 

A bonus to traveling to Mexico or Canada is the shorter, cheaper flights. 


CAYE CAULKER Island in Belize.
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Belize is an English-speaking country in Central America that offers first-time travelers many opportunities. 

The country is easy to navigate, featuring jungles, beaches, Mayan ruins, and hopping city life. 


Image of the Statue of David in the Accademia Gallery in Florence. In the image, only the torso and head of Michelangelo's David are shown, and you can see the backdrop of the gallery.
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Italy is a top bucket list destination, and it’s easy to see why. From the iconic Roman ruins to the heart of the Renaissance in Florence, Italy has a wide range of activities for tourists. 

First-timers may enjoy Florence. The city is small and walkable, so you won’t get overwhelmed trying to navigate. It also features some of the most impressive works of art in history, like Michelangelo’s David, and as the biggest city in Tuscany, it’s home to amazing food. 


aerial view of Paris with the eiffel tower in it
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Paris is one of the most iconic cities in the world. It’s walkable, provides exquisite culinary experiences, and showcases some of the most impressive artworks in human history. 

The current political climate in Paris may shut down transportation routes, so check the picket lines before you decide to travel here. 

Costa Rica

Jungle waterfall in Costa Rica.
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Costa Rica is a tropical paradise offering travelers a wide range of activities for far less than its more popular counterparts. 

Learn to surf at one of the pristine beaches, take a jungle cruise, or just relax in one of the trendy beach towns. 


waves breaking on a sandy beach on a gorgeous day.
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Those wanting to get tropical outside the US should head to the Caribbean. The Dutch-owned Aruba is a perfect choice for first-time travelers looking for a tropical getaway. 

Bonus: Take a Cruise

Tourist standing in front of a cruise ship, looking at the ship.
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First-timers may prefer the structure of a cruise over the stress of planning their trip. Cruises port at numerous cities, allowing you to explore more destinations than you would on your own. The excursions showcase the best of the locale and ensure you don’t miss your boat. 

Cruise lines operate worldwide, so whether you want to experience the best of Europe, take in impressive Alaskan glaciers, or relax on a beach, there’s a cruise for you.

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