Unveiling the Hobbies We Invest Big Bucks In, But They’re Absolutely Worth Every Penny

Life is about living. That means spending money on the things we love. 

Often the thing we love is a cherished hobby or pastime. Here are some expensive hobbies that people can’t get enough of. 


crafting supplies
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Crafting can be cheap, but you’ll probably spend a small fortune if you get into it. 

Why should I buy something for $100 when I can spend 6 weeks of my life making it for $500?” asked one user, receiving a gold award for their comment. They added that crafting is actually two hobbies “doing it and shopping for it.”

Others commented to add the time and money they spend on crafts and DIY projects that would have been far cheaper to outsource. 

“Try woodworking,” said one. “Buy it from Amazon for $200…. OR, build it yourself for $300 in materials and $800 in more tools.”


Flight taking off on a runway.
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One user said they spent a small fortune on learning to fly. 

“Plane rental plus instructor fees equal about $250 an hour,” they stated. 

Many said it was well worth the cost.  “First solo flight worth every penny, and the biggest adrenaline rush natural high a person will experience,” said one. 


View of Aspen from the ski lift to Aspen Mountain
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Skiing is a fabulous way to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors, but it carries a hefty price tag. 

“If you ignore the cost of equipment, the cost of seasons passes, and travel, it’s not too bad,” offered one user. 

“Don’t forget the cost of (accommodation) if you want to stay anywhere near the mountain during peak season that isn’t a hostel,” added another. 

Mountain Biking

Couple mountain biking in the woods.
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Most of the cost of mountain biking is in upgrades.

 “I turned my cheap 300 euro Decathlon bike into a cheap, moderately nicer 900 euro bike. I love him, and I will never be able to part ways,” said one user. 

“Then comes the second wave of bills: helmets, patch kits, tools, etc. I’m even thinking of cycling shorts. Cycling shorts!” added another. 

Warhammer 40K

Blank warhammer supplies and tools on a green and white grid.
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Users don’t expect the 40K at the end of Warhammer to represent how much the hobby will cost throughout their lives, but it gets close. 

The game spawned an entire online industry where people custom-paint the figures for big bucks. The hobby is cheaper if you do your own paint jobs, but still expensive. 

“The most expensive part is still buying the models. To build an army that you can field requires lots of models,” said one user. 


Lego businesspeople in a Lego office.
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Lego sets are expensive in and of themselves, but storing your legos and creations adds another cost component. 

“People who are new to Lego complain about the price of Lego. People who’ve been at it for a few years complain about the price of all the drawers and shelves and storage options. People who’ve been at it for longer complain about the bigger house they had to buy to set up their own Lego city.” said one user, describing how the hobby expands to fill every aspect of your life. 

“We had to upgrade our home last year so we can have room. Our legos took over,” confirmed another. 


Arcade filled with pinball machines.
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One user collects and restores pinball machines.

“Once I learned how I started saving old pinball machine from being destroyed and started a collection. Now the hobby is a lot more popular than it used to be. It’s fun to learn and share what I know about the games and the industry. And they’re tons of fun to play,” they explained, adding that they have over 100 machines. 


FIshtank with aquatic plants and beta fish inside.
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Exotic fish get expensive, but the price pales compared to everything you need for the hobby. Both the setup and the upkeep cost a ton of money. 

“Setting everything up with equipment was expensive,” said one user. “$600 tank. $600 plumbing (PVC pipes and fittings). $1500 lights. $1500 pumps and circulation. $700 filtration (skimmer, sump, filter socks, etc.). $2400 controller. $300 mixing station (for storing filtered fresh water and pre-mixed saltwater), materials to build the stand for the tank, $300. Floor reinforcement in my crawlspace $150 materials (did the work myself).”

They added that maintenance is also expensive, costing a small fortune each month.


line of guitars on a white background.
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Everyone wants to be a rockstar, but learning the quintessential instrument gets pricey. The lessons, guitar collections, and axillary equipment can all cost a small fortune. 

“Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a day, teach a man to play guitar, and he never eats again,” joked one user. 

Growing Plants

Potted plants next to a window in an indoor garden.
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A green thumb hobby doesn’t seem expensive, but it can be. If you get into exotic plants and fancy equipment setups, it can cost a small fortune. 

“I wanted to say plants, but indoor plants,” said one user. “I have monsteras (albo and thai constellation), a couple of philodendrons, calatheas, and others. They constantly outgrow their pot, and I need to buy new pots, substrate, outer pot.”

Others buy and cultivate rare species, which can cost a lot of money. 

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