Men on the Brink: 14 Major Triggers Behind Their Rising Rage

Everywhere you look, you see men raging about something. It begs the question: why are today’s men so filled with rage?

Here are 14 reasons for the anger. 

The Growing Echo Chamber

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The internet brought us together, the best and worst of us. Angry young men, who, in the past, would be forced to come to terms with their shortfallings, now congregate in growing internet echo chambers where people stoke their rage rather than help them overcome it. 


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The internet also destroyed any sense of community we had. People don’t get together in real life anymore. Men hide away, only connected online, growing lonelier by the day. 

Rage Bait

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Rage sells. Many algorithms work overtime to show people content that will get them mad and keep them boiling, all in the never-ending quest for clicks and views. They want men to be angry so they can make more money. 


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People wonder why men who seemingly have good lives are so angry. Debt may be an underlying culprit. Consumer debt is rising, and some men who seem fine on the outside may be so stressed about their financial situation they can’t think straight. 

They Can’t Provide

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Society loves telling men they must be providers, but then it stripped them of their ability to provide. You almost need two incomes to survive in the world. Men feel lost, unable to fulfill the role society forces them into. 

No Opportunity

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There are plenty of jobs, but most aren’t “good jobs.” Of course, people stuck in dead-end, low-wage service positions will feel frustrated with their lives. 


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It’s hard to break away from society’s expectations. When culture tells you that you need a pickup truck, a house, and a yard to “be successful,” you’ll strive for those things to keep up appearances whether you can afford it or not, and sometimes whether you even want it or not. 


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Men are doers. They want to take action and change the world! In today’s current environment, many feel helpless. Their one vote does little to change their station in life, and they can’t do anything to alleviate the suffering in their communities. The helplessness turns to rage. 

Living for Everyone Else

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Everyone often falls into the trap of living life for everyone but themselves. They buy into the cultural standards of getting a job, getting married, having kids, etc., but then feel trapped when they realize it’s not what they truly want. 

Hard Work Doesn’t Pay

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Men bought into the lie that if they worked hard, they’d live life on easy mode. Many worked hard for years, toiling at demanding jobs, destroying their bodies, and they still can’t stay afloat. They’re mad that the system failed them. 


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Some men are angry because they were told that if they did X, they’d be gifted a loving wife. With advances in women’s rights, women no longer needed to marry men for survival and thus became more selective. Men haven’t caught up, raging that they aren’t getting the woman they were promised. 

The State of the World

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A lot of male anger is justified. Just look around at the state of the world. The rich are getting richer off everyone else’s backs while the world burns. It’s a dark time. 

What’s the Point of Pretending?

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The social contract is broken beyond repair. Men are angry because they give and give but get nothing in return. It gets disheartening.

Angry at Themselves

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Many men are angry with themselves. Society failed them, but they blame themselves. Their self-loathing turns to hatred of anyone who can make something of themselves in this ridiculous world. 

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