We Didn’t Think It Would Happen Here: 15 Developments In the US that Highlight the Shift Towards Fascism

America, the land of the free, home of the brave. The country stood as a stalwart of free speech and democracy until, one day, it didn’t. 

Here are 15 developments from the last 25 years proving The United States is on a collision course toward authoritarianism. Can we stop it before it’s too late?

Data Collection

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The rise in technology catapulted us toward brave new worlds but also created several challenging problems. First and foremost is the utter lack of privacy and ownership of our data, which gets collected by all the companies we use to survive. 


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What should be a golden age ripe with new technology and automation morphed into a dystopian hellscape where people can barely afford to eat. All the gains go to the top while everyone else wallows in misery. 

All the Ads

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Our corporate overlords won’t allow us to enjoy anything without turning it into an advert. We must always buy more junk we don’t need to fill those holes in our hearts. 

Choosing Ignorance

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Education is more accessible than ever. We have the entire library of human knowledge and accomplishment at our fingertips, yet we ignore it all because it doesn’t fit our worldview. 

Instead, we celebrate ignorance and form opinions based on our (often wrong) gut instincts.

Dumbing Down Our Schools

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Fascist movements rely on an uneducated populace lacking critical thinking skills. Politicians are doing everything they can to destroy our public school system to keep people dumb. School choice waivers, enacting legislation that restricts what kids can learn, and defunding teacher pay are all insidious efforts to destroy trust in public education. 

Affordable Parking Lots

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Some cities found a brilliant yet dystopian solution to the affordable housing crisis: parking lots! Now, people can live in their cars in a legally acceptable way they get to pay for. 

You Can’t Afford Life with a Full Time Job

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Roosevelt said that no one who works 40 hours per week should go hungry or homeless. That idea was one of the driving forces of the New Deal. Today, millions of people with full-time jobs can’t afford life, and we act like it’s all their fault rather than the fault of a society designed to enrich the already wealthy. 

Lawmakers Ignore the Will of the People

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America claims to love democracy, yet when the will of the people goes against the powers that be, the powers strike them down and do what they want anyway. See Ohio, where politicians are doing everything they can to subvert the people’s choice in the recent elections. 

Voter Suppression

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A country that claims to celebrate democracy should make it as easy as possible for all voices to be heard. American politicians do the opposite, enacting laws that prevent as many people from voting as possible. Voter ID laws, closing voting locations, holding elections on a work day, refusing to allow mail-in and early voting, and other voter suppression tactics commonly restrict people’s ability to vote. It’s intentional. 

Companies Controlling Food and Water

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Beverage companies buy rights to water to sell the free, available liquid to customers for a profit. Seed companies patent our food supplies, suing anyone who tries to grow their own. 

He who controls the food controls the world. 


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The wealthiest country in the world should be able to house its most vulnerable citizens. We could, but we don’t want to. 

All the Hatred

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US citizens can’t stand one another. We’re constantly yelling over each other about “culture war” issues that are sizzling into conflict. The powers that be keep us divided about stuff that doesn’t matter so they can keep robbing us. 

People Stripped of Their Human Rights

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The overturning of Roe v Wade showcased that politicians can take away our rights in an instant. Women no longer have control of their own bodies; they’re now property of the state. If it can happen to 50% of the population, it can happen to you. 

Election Denial

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A free and fair election is the cornerstone of our democracy. Millions believe one man’s unfounded claims of a stolen election portend an uncertain future for the US. 

Still Voting for Him

Donald Trump smirking and pointing toward the crowd after a rally, PA 2016.
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The same man is under indictment for numerous charges, including treason against the United States. Yet 40% of the country still supports him. 


A man praying in the church views
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Project 2025, the Republican agenda should they win the Whitehouse, explains that they want to dismantle our religious freedoms. Millions of people support this agenda, which dismantles the freedoms they claim to hold so dear. 

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The US Constitution rolled up with the "we the People" showing at the top. It's resting on an American flag.
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