Why Are Boomers All So Miserable? Millennials Think Older Generations Need To Chill

Millennials watch their elders scowl at life’s joys and collectively wonder why they hate everything. Why are the Baby Boomers so miserable all the time?

Millennials Best Guesses

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Millennials don’t hold back in sharing why they think Boomers hate life. 

All The Lead

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The most obvious reason is all the lead. Boomers grew up with lead-laced paint and breathed in the noxious fumes of leaded gasoline. 

Lead’s Dangers

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Even small amounts of lead exposure during youth can lower IQ and behavioral problems. 


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Fear-mongering news networks work overtime to keep Baby Boomers brainwashed with fear of anything outside the status quo. 


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People who can’t see past their basic animal instincts covet things they don’t have and fight aggressively to preserve what they do have – even if what they have isn’t tangible. 


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Millennials love poking at Boomer’s fragile egos, making their elders dig even deeper into their wrong beliefs. 

Society Failed Them

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Boomers entering retirement are terrified that they won’t get what society promised them. They were told to work hard so they’d have a secure retirement. They worked hard but likely won’t get what was promised. 

Social Change

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Many Boomers grew up knowing their place in the world. The last few decades saw massive social upheaval, changing how we think about racism and sexism. The Boomers who used to reign supreme see more people becoming equals, and they can’t stand it.

Awful Parents

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Millennials think their Boomer parents were terrible, but they don’t hold a candle to the silent generation’s abusive parenting. Child abuse ran rampant, and nobody cared; then, we wonder why our parents had no idea how to raise a child without violence. 

Class Warfare

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The owner class has everyone else convinced that our differences are the problem, not their obscene wealth hoarding. It pits Boomers against Millennials, Men against Women, Catholics against Atheists, and any other division to prevent all fingers from pointing at them. 

The World Doesn’t Care

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The Boomers were the biggest voting block in the country for decades. With more Boomers easing into their final rest and younger generations approaching voting age, the world no longer spins to their whims. It’s enough to make anyone unhappy. 

Kids Don’t Talk To Them

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The Boomer generation did a fantastic job of alienating their children. Many are always mad because their kids refuse to engage with them. 

Mental Health Problems

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People didn’t understand the importance of mental health until the Millennials grew up. How many millions of Baby Boomers silently suffer from untreated mental health issues? That’s enough to make anyone miserable. 


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The Baby Boomers were raised to judge everyone (except themselves). They felt the need to keep up with the Joneses and keep appearances so others didn’t judge them back. 

They’d be far happier if they stopped caring what others think. 

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Lead Dangers: Brain Injury Association