Buyers Remorse: People Share the Worst Things They’ve Ever Bought

We all get caught up in marketers’ hype. We see the ads and get sold on the idea that if we only had this one thing, our life would be much better! Here, people share their most regrettable purchases. 

Used Beamer

Car salesman on a lot pointing at the price on a car's windshield.
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You may think you’re getting a great deal on a used luxury car, but don’t forget maintenance costs! Luxury cars come with notoriously high upkeep expenses, and you may find yourself paying far more for a used one than a new one. 

One Reddit user learned this lesson the hard way after buying a used BMW. “The amount of money I (spent) on buying+fixing that car, I could have bought (a) brand new BMW,” they shared. 

The First Pack

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Many users regret buying the first pack of their addiction. We pick it up because it looks cool, and we’ll think we can stop anytime, then before we know it, twenty years have passed, and we’re spending ten bucks a day on a nasty habit we can’t kick. 

Reddit Premium

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Apparently, Reddit has a premium offering. Some users got meta by posting on Reddit, that they regret purchasing Reddit. 

A Pogo Stick

Man's legs on a pogo stick.
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One user admitted to spending $300 on a Pogo Stick. That’s it, they win!

But nah, there’s more!

A Remote Control Car

Father and son building an RC car together.
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Children are especially susceptible to lies in advertising. Their youthful innocence has them believing the exaggerated marketing claims. One user’s innocence was stripped at nine years old when the remote control car they absolutely needed to have turned out to be a complete dud. 

2020 Planner

person writing in their calendar planner
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Planners are fantastic tools for organizing your thoughts and your life. One avid planner said they were hyped for their 2020 plans until COVID came in and canceled them all. 

All our 2020 planners turned out to be useless. 

Engagement Rings

Close up of bride's hands in her lap showing her engagment ring.
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We buy engagement rings with the best intentions. However, with so many marriages ending in divorce, many people regret the purchase. 

Running Shoes

Wall covered with various colored tennis shoes
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Have you ever bought something in a burst of inspiration, then never actually used the thing? One user experienced that with running shoes. 

They were totally going to work out. They just needed new shoes, which have sat collecting dust in the closet. We’ve all been there. 

A House

bags of money balancing on a scale with a model of a house on the other side represening home equity.
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Our homes can either be the most significant investments of our lives or a financial disaster. Some homes quickly turn into money pits when you discover all the undisclosed damage that needs to be repaired. 

Luxury Items

Fashionable wealthy woman ewaring white coat and hat with gold jewelry.
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Designer bags cost a ton of money, and what’s even the point? To show off to others? Many people regret buying stuff that just makes them look wealthy. 

Beats Headphones

Yellow wired headphones on a blue background.
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All the cool kids had Beats headphones, but those who knew about music couldn’t stand them. They have poor sound quality compared to other headphones on the market and are far more expensive. 


smiling man wearing college graduation robes and holding a diploma
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Many people regret spending money on college. It’s not the educational experience so much as the massive debt burden and lack of high-paying jobs promised if we got college degrees. 

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