Men Actually Hate These Silly Games Women Think They Have to Play

Does anyone really enjoy dating? Sure, the intoxicating rush of meeting someone new seems exciting, but between all the games, expert advice, and first date fails, it’s sometimes far more complicated than it should be. 

Women’s Dating Fails

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Women often succumb to bad advice paraded by so-called experts, making dating even harder for themselves. 

They follow bad advice to a tee, not realizing that it actually turns men off. 

Here are some of the things women think men like, but they actually can’t stand. 

Hard To Get

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Someone, somewhere, said men love a challenge. Women around the world started playing “hard to get” as a way to entice the object of their desire. 

Although some men may enjoy the chase, those aren’t the men who would make great long-term partners. 


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A subset of the hard-to-get game has women going out of their way to make their partners jealous. They’ll flirt with other men and highlight their numerous options in a flawed attempt to convince someone to stay. 

Fight for Her

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Girls think the guys who want a challenge should want to fight for her. Their fighting and subsequent “winning” makes her seem like a cherished prize. 

Pretending To Be Stupid

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The claim that men don’t want intelligent women hurts many girls who feign ignorance to get the guy. 

Though the Ron DeSantis’s of the world may want dumb women to make themselves look good, decent men want someone they can relate to on an intellectual level. 

Being Something You’re Not

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I’ll never forget that time in middle school when a student brought lizards in for a week of show-and-tell. On day one, the popular girl played with the lizards without a problem. But on day two, when she was seated next to the cute boy, she pretended to be grossed out by touching them. 

Too Much Mystery

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Though an air of mystery can be enticing, too much mystery is too much work. There’s a massive difference between being mysterious and seeming standoffish and uninterested. 

Pretending it’s Okay

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Far too many women think they can’t be upset in a relationship. They pretend everything is fine when it’s not, and eventually, a small thing that could have been quickly resolved morphs into an insurmountable problem. 

Rather than pretend it’s okay, be clear about your wants and needs. Stop saying you’re fine when you clearly aren’t. 


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Women are taught to be subtle and indiscreet. Unfortunately, this bleeds into courtship and relationships where women often refuse to directly ask for what they want, instead dropping subtle hints and getting upset when he doesn’t get it. 

Baby Talk

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Who decided talking like a little kid was hot? The baby talk and little girl talk are super gross to most men, and the men who aren’t grossed out are the ones you probably want to avoid. 

Yes Woman

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Men don’t want to make all the decisions all the time.  Most men want an equal partner who isn’t afraid to offer a contradicting opinion. 

Fake Helplessness

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Women think men want to feel needed, so they pretend they’re incompetent to stroke that male ego. While some men enjoy helping, some women take it so far that they seem incapable of doing anything alone. 

Mind Games

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Women think men love mind games, men think women can’t help but play mind games, and it becomes a vicious cycle of endless mind games that neither person actually enjoys. 

Both parties must stop the games and be more direct about their wants. 

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