Top Warnings Signs a Man is Doomed To a Life of Singledom

Men of the internet banded together to help their brothers identify the things keeping them single. Prepare for eternal loneliness if any of this speaks to you. 

My Flaws, Your Flaws

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People, in general, tend to harshly judge others for things they do themselves.  The adage “we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions” rings true, but you’ll probably be single forever if you can’t accept that other people also have flaws. 

Inappropriate Remarks

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Some guys don’t know how to turn off their engines. They turn everything into innuendo, whether with close friends or at a professional business event. 

Think about Howard from The Big Bang Theory. If you behave like him, no one will want to date you. 

Bad Hygiene

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Pro tip fellows: you need to bathe. And while bathing, you must wash yourself. We’ll never understand how we entered a world where men no longer care that they’re the smelly guy in the room but don’t expect anyone to go out with you if you stink. 

Juvenile Humor

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Everyone loves a good fart joke now and again, but if that’s all you bring to the table, you’ll likely have a hard time dating. 

The “Tough Guy”

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You know the guy who tries to make everything a fight to prove how “tough” they are? Don’t be that guy. Some women may fall for the trick the first time, but it will get tiring after a while. 

Mansplaining Attraction To Women

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Some men think women’s entire lives and personalities revolve around attracting men. They then crown themselves a helper of all women, offering unsolicited advice about whether their hair, clothes, careers and other personal choices are “attractive.”

Men who can’t see women as individual people with goals outside of what they personally want will likely struggle to date a real woman. 

Too Picky

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Overweight men who don’t wash themselves and live in their parent’s basements because they refuse to work believe they’re entitled to a 10/10 supermodel and won’t accept anything less. 

Even many ordinary men ignore ordinary women in pursuit of the top 10%, then get mad when they can’t find a partner. Women do the same thing – people, in general, need to be more realistic if they really want a partner. 

Unrealistic Expectations

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Some men want more than a supermodel. They have a giant list of expectations that includes being a supermodel, having a high-paying job, having no tattoos, and willingness to do all the housework while they sit around and enjoy a full-service maid/housekeeper/surrogate mother. 

My guy, you HAVE to bring something to the table. You can’t expect your partner to do everything for you while looking stunning when you’re a hobbit who doesn’t work. 

Hating Women

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Some men literally hate women yet want a female partner. They’ll constantly talk about how awful women are, blame every woman for the actions of one, and listen to misogynistic podcasts about how women having rights has destroyed society

Women as Things

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A subset of men don’t think they hate women but don’t see women as human beings. These guys compare women to things like cars, vacuum cleaners, shoes, and other objects, then wonder why no one wants to date them. 

Refuse to Engage

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Many men would rather sit in their internet echo chamber and complain about women than do anything in real life that would help them find a partner. 

They won’t join clubs, volunteer, or engage with the world in any way that would help them meet people but constantly complain that the perfect woman doesn’t fall into their lap. 

Financial Burden

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Although society is trying to move on from the notion that men are “providers,” most women still want a partner who will contribute financially. 

Many homosexuals find women to put up with them for a while, but the relationships rarely last. The men move on to new naive partners, and the women vow never again. 


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The worst incels believe they’re entitled to women’s time, attention, and bodies. They think the world owes them a mate for simply existing as a man, so they refuse to put any effort into themselves to be attractive. 


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