15 Critical Pieces of Life Advice You Need To Take To Heart

We all ignore crucial life advice, especially when young and older folks dish it out. But you’d be wise to heed these 15 valuable nuggets of wisdom regardless of whether “you know better.”

Date Everything

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Every time you receive an important document that you must save, write the date at the top. Keep all records of home repairs, car maintenance, health records, and more. You never know when you will need them. 

Protect Your Back

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Young people dismiss proper lifting techniques, thinking they’re immortal. It will catch up to them sooner than they think. Protect your back by stretching, getting the right mattress, wearing support, and using proper techniques. 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Talk is cheap, but far too many of us get sucked into the false promise of convincing lies. For a happy life, watch what people do, not what they say. When they show you who they are, believe them. 

Never Cosign for Anyone

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I wish I had followed this advice when I was young. Cosigning for people hurt my credit score for years and even hindered my ability to buy a house. You must protect your credit score. If someone can’t get a loan without your signature, they probably don’t deserve it. 


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How many of us ignore our dentist’s constant advice to floss? Dental problems cause a whole host of health issues, and many would be avoided if we spent five minutes flossing. 

Wear Sunscreen

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Young people love sun-kissed skin, but it will come back to haunt them when they hit their middle ages and must deal with sun spots and skin cancers. 

Protect Your Reputation

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It takes years to build a positive reputation, but it can vanish instantly with one viral social media post. 

The Company You Keep

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The people you spend time with reflect your values. If you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd, you’re part of the wrong crowd. Choose your friends wisely. 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

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When we’re young, every little detail could mean the end of the world. It’s hard to understand that those things don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but once you get it, you’ll be much happier. 

Stop Procrastinating

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So many of our problems could be solved if we stopped procrastinating. We let minor problems grow into massive burdens because we refuse to deal with them immediately, and we stress out over deadlines we knew were coming months ago. 

Other People’s Opinions

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Why do other people’s opinions matter so much to you? Humans crave respect and connection, but sometimes we crave it so much we let people we don’t even like dictate our lives. Don’t let other people’s opinions prevent you from living a life true to yourself. 

Treat Women Like They’re People

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Many men would be shocked to discover that women are, in fact, people. They struggle to connect with the fairer sex because they put women on pedestals. You’ll succeed more with the ladies if you treat them like human beings. 

Embrace Failure

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Our society puts so much emphasis on success that everyone fears failure. Failure is a gift. It teaches us valuable lessons we can use to better ourselves. The sooner we stop fearing it, the more successful we’ll eventually become. 

Stop the Comparison Game

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Far too many people are unhappy with their lives because they can’t stop looking around at what everyone else has. If you stop for a second and look at what you have, you’ll realize you have a lot to enjoy. 

Save Money Now

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You need to start saving money as soon as possible. Ideally, you started in your twenties, but if you didn’t start now. The sooner you start building your nest egg, the better off you’ll be. 

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