Scams in Istanbul – Tourists Beware!

Scams in Istanbul? I’m sure if you’ve done a little research, you know that that scams in Istanbul are common. Istanbul is a lovely city, but many of its residents are poor, and unfortunately, this creates an environment where people do whatever they can to get by, including scamming tourists. Here are some of the scams I came across while visiting Istanbul, and tips to help you navigate them:

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Palatium Restaurant Istanbul

It was evening when we arrived in Old Town Istanbul. We were weary from traveling, but also hungry so we decided to go for a walk and find some dinner.

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vegas is disney land for adults

Las Vegas – Disneyland for Adults

Vegas Baby!!! Sin City! Disney Land for Adults! This city is known by many names, and it’s one of the most prominent party travel destinations in the United States. But does it really live up to its hype?

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