The Truth Hurts, So Millions of People Deny These Very Real Facts

In a world where everyone feels their opinion is as valid as hard evidence, the truth gets buried in a sea of falsity. 

Here are the top truths about the world that people constantly deny. 

It Can Happen To You

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When bad things randomly happen to other people, we hide behind our Just World Fallacy to pretend it can’t happen to us.  Millions of Americans are one accident away from poverty but refuse to acknowledge the problems with the system that have pushed them to the brink. They continue voting for politicians that will make matters worse. 

The Rarity of Animal Attacks

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Some folks refuse to swim in the ocean for fear of the massive, dangerous creatures lurking beneath the depths. However, shark attacks are sporadic. Beachgoers typically have nothing to fear. 

Cougars and wolves also inspire fear but rarely attack humans. 

Lie Detectors Don’t Work

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People swear by the efficacy of polygraphs, but they’re so ineffective that they’re inadmissible in court. 

Fighting is Tough

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People who think they’d do well in a fight have probably never thrown a punch. Anyone can puff out their chest and pretend they’d throw down, but most people wouldn’t know where to start if faced with an actual fight. 

Confirmation Bias

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People will purposely find sources that agree with their viewpoint and proudly show that source as evidence, not even stopping to think there might be other, better sources that refute their point.  These same people twist anything to fit their agenda, not even realizing they’re doing it. 


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We all contribute to global pollution. We’ve all voted for politicians that make things worse. And yet, we refuse to accept responsibility. And often, instead of admitting we’ve made a mistake, we’ll dig in and keep doing the thing because doing anything else would make us feel bad about making a mistake. 

Our Memory is Awful

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Very few people have photographic memories allowing them to remember every detail of every situation. Most people have poor memories, which can easily be altered with the power of suggestion. However, we’ll never admit that and stubbornly believe we remember every detail correctly. 

Shaved Hair Isn’t Thicker

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An old wives tale states that the hair grows back thicker and longer if you shave. That’s not exactly true. It feels thicker because of the blunt end, but if you let it grow, it will be the same as your other hair.

Planned Obsolescence

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but companies you know and love really do build things to fail. They’d lose money on lasting products. 

You Look Healthy, So You Are Healthy

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People refuse to believe invisible illnesses exist. They think you must be fine if you look healthy on the outside. Millions of people suffer from debilitating diseases, and no one believes them because they look fine on the outside. 


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We think of propaganda as wartime efforts against foreign enemies or things other countries do to their populace, not realizing that the US subjects us to propaganda daily. 

Here are the examples of everyday propaganda surrounding us

Love is Enough

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You Have to Follow Society’s Script

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You’re in a Toxic Relationship

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You Should Have Kids

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Many people believe that having children is just something you do and that everyone needs to start a family. 

The harsh truth is not everyone is cut out for parenthood, and we need to acknowledge and support those who realize having kids isn’t for them. 

Reasons Not To Have Kids

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Despite all the pressure to procreate, it’s perfectly valid not to want kids. Millennials and younger generations are opting out of parenthood at record rates. 

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