15 Massive Lies Society Tells Women To Keep Them in Line

The backlash against women’s liberation constantly tries to erode hard-fought rights. When society can’t force women back into domestic servitude politically, it attempts to do so socially with lies designed to keep women down. 

Here are the biggest lies society (and men) tell to and about women, designed to keep them in check. 

You’ll Change Your Mind

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Many child-free women think long and hard about whether they want kids.  Nobody accepts their answer. 

Society loves pushing motherhood on every woman, regardless of her desires. 

I want a Traditional Relationship

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Men will lie to women’s faces, telling them they want a traditional relationship. These fellows wish for all the benefits of a traditional relationship with none of the downsides. 

They want a wife who will cook, clean, raise the kids, and submit to him as a “leader” while expecting her to work full-time and manage the house. These guys want a domestic servant, not a wife. 

I’ll Take Care of You

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At least the women who keep working maintain their financial independence. A more insidious lie men tell women is they’ll “take care of them” financially so they can stay home and raise kids

The man then thinks that because he provides the paycheck, he must always get his way and doesn’t have to help around the house. And when he gets tired of his older, tired wife, he’ll leave her for someone younger while pretending she doesn’t deserve an equitable split of their shared assets. 

Women Don’t Get Along

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Women supporting women is one of the most potent forces on the planet. It behooves the power structure to prevent women from helping each other by any means possible, thus perpetuating the lie that women can’t get along with one another. 

You’ll Live Alone with Your Cats

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Men love threatening women who reject them with a life of solitude and cats. The funny thing is most women wouldn’t mind living alone with their cats. 

I’m Just Bad at Housework

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Society decided that women excel at housework while men (who can manage Fortune 500 businesses) can’t figure out how to vacuum a floor. 

Men love it. They use this weaponized incompetence to avoid doing things they don’t want. It’s all a lie. Anyone can learn to wash the dishes. 

It’s All in Your Head

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Doctors around the country gaslight women about their genuine pain. Women consistently have worse outcomes at doctor’s offices, with medical professionals downplaying their pain, telling them it’s in their head or the worst thing, calling them hysterical. 

A Good Woman Can Fix Him

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Society tells women it’s their responsibility to fix broken men. It’s not. Women aren’t rehabilitation centers for men. It’s not her duty or responsibility to “fix” him. 

Why Did You Stay?

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On the flip side of the “women fixing men” script is society’s tendency to blame women for their own abuse. People will ask her why she stayed and subjected herself to the abuse while simultaneously saying women are responsible for fixing broken men and must stay because a broken relationship means she’s a failure. 

It’s Your Fault

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Society points its fingers at women for everything. Victim blaming sexual assault victims is rampant, as friends, family, and society at large demand to know what she was wearing, whether she consumed alcohol, and what business she had existing in public in the first place. 

Women Can’t Age

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The obsession with youth (for women) promotes unhealthy practices that prevent women from aging gracefully. They call women over age 30 “used up” and “worn out” because, god forbid, someone ages naturally. 

Older women face invisibility at best and derision at worst, as society only values women for their looks and childbearing ability. 

It’s Empowering

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One of the most insidious lies whispered to women is that sex work is empowering. Some twisted liberal feminism to make it seem like the movement promotes sex work as a legitimate career option. 

True feminists know it’s not. We support the women who must engage in sex work to survive and respect the choice of women who choose to engage in it, yet we know the real winners here are the men. 

Marriage Benefits Women

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The biggest whammy society pulled on women was convincing them marriage was the ultimate achievement in life.  Society pretends marriage is all for women’s benefit, while married men “give in” to society’s pressure to settle down to their determinant. 

In reality, the opposite is true. Women’s lives get worse after marriage, while men’s lives improve. 

Lower Your Standards

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Women are constantly told to lower their standards and “give him a chance.” They’re told they’ll end up alone if they don’t settle. 

Women are finally waking up to this invasive lie, realizing they’d actually rather be alone than lower their standards. 

He’s Mean Because He Likes You

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Telling little girls that a little boy is mean to her because he likes her socializes her to accept a lifetime of abuse. 

It may be true to some extent as children learn social interactions, we must do a better job teaching both genders that being mean to someone you like is wildly inappropriate. 

Women Wising Up and Leaving

Happy woman with her hand on a roller suitcase.
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