Abstract Art For Sale – Buy Original Artwork at these 14 Places!

Are you looking to find amazing pieces of original abstract art for sale directly from an abstract artist? You have come to the right place. Partners in Fire is not an online art gallery. We are a personal blog run by artists, travelers, gamers, explorers, and everything else that makes us human, all in one.

Here, I will show you some of the beautiful abstract paintings we have for sale, created by the owner of this website. However, we know that not everyone has the same tastes. I’m just one artist in a sea of creators, so I’ll also showcase some artwork from my favorite abstract artists and show you where you can buy both original abstract pieces and prints at reasonable prices. If you are looking to buy abstract art, you’ve come to the right place.

Types of Art

Before we dive into our awesome gallery, let’s talk a little about art styles and techniques. Although this post is dedicated to abstract expressionism, you will see that we have various paintings of different styles in our online galleries. Our other painter, Bee Gill, paints figurative art, landscapes, still life paintings, and other realism paintings. Generally, he uses oil paint, and the abstract art for sale below is mostly done with acrylic. Although watercolor is fun, neither of us has specialized in it as a medium – yet.

There are many different types of fine art, and abstract is a huge category in and of itself. There’s geometric abstraction, where artists rely on shapes and objects to express emotion. There’s also action painting, which relies on lines and movement. Jackson Pollack, arguable the most famous abstract painter, thrust this type of artwork into the mainstream. My favorite thing about abstract artwork is that it really doesn’t have any set rules. It’s expressive and emotive, and although modern art lovers try to categorize it, many pieces don’t fully fit the rules. I love that about abstract!

Original Abstract Art for Sale

Let’s start by introducing you to my original artwork. Here is a selection of the artwork I have available for sale. Please contact me via email at artwork@partnersinfire.com if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, or check out the gallery at artpal for prints and prices! I might be inclined to give fans of the website a discount, so if you want the original, email us directly!

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abstract art for saleabstract art for saleabstract art for sale





abstract art for sale

abstract art for sale abstract for sale



About the Artist

You all know me by now, right! When I first started painting, I signed work with my middle name, Jeanie. Therefore, I go by Jeanie Allen in my art. It’s okay; I’m still the same person!

But, if you want to know more, here’s my profile on Artpal:

 Melanie “Jeanie” Allen is a born creator. The entire world is her canvas. She is the owner and creator of Partners in Fire, a website dedicated to helping people pursue their passions.

Her love affair with art began at an early age. She grew up in Chicago, and a 6th-grade art class segment on the Impressionist (along with a subsequent field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago) made her fall in love.

It wasn’t until much later that she was able to explore her creativity with color and canvas. She was too practical to go to art school but never let her passion for the field die. She used any opportunity to learn color theory, experiment with different techniques, and engage with the art world.

Unfortunately, bills need to be paid, and her full-time career doesn’t offer much free time for practice. However, she still paints when she can and hopes that once she achieves her “Passion Fire” goal, she will focus more on creating artwork that she loves.

Abstract is her favorite art style. It’s so free of restrictions and boundaries and allows the artist to experiment with color, style, and motion in ways traditional styles can’t compete with. Abstract expressionism allows the artist to uncover the secrets buried in the deepest depths of the soul and showcase to the world what we find.

Online Galleries with Abstract Art for Sale

I get it. I don’t have many pieces for sale, and my art isn’t everyone’s style. Thankfully, there are tons of online galleries you can scroll through to find art that is your style. Here are the best places to find abstract paintings for sale.


If you want to support individual creators, Etsy is a great place to start. Millions of people put their original work and handmade items on Etsy every day.


The issue with Etsy is that it isn’t limited to artwork. You will have to search through digital products, journals, jewelry, and other items to find what you are looking for here. Also, there are many “fake” creators selling mass-produced junk on the platform now, so be sure you know what you are getting before you buy.


I like Artpal because you have the option to not only sell original paintings but to sell prints as well. It’s a cross between an online gallery and a print-on-demand platform. I actually host my online art gallery on Artpal, so if you liked any of my work but don’t want the original, you can grab a print on Artpal.

One thing that I love about Artpal is that anyone can upload their artwork to it. Art is a difficult world to break into, and it’s often based on the whims and opinions of curators. It’s hard to get your name out there if you aren’t already known or haven’t studied at the right art school. Artpal lets everyone showcase their work, and I think that’s awesome.

Fine Art America

Fine Art America is very similar to Artpal. Independent artists can upload their work to the platform without having to be curated.

The difference is that Fine Art America is much more similar to a print-on-demand platform. Although you can buy original artwork here, which is why it’s in this section, you can also purchase prints, pillows, cups, phone cases, and various other items printed with your favorite abstract image. 

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is an online gallery that features over a million original pieces of art from artists worldwide. You can easily sort by abstract but also narrow it down by medium. You can search for collages, paintings, drawings, and even sculptures.

A really cool thing about Saatchi is the ability to sort by color. If you’re looking for a perfect piece to match your décor, you can pick the color out of little circles rather than just “red.” This gives you the option to choose darker and lighter color palettes, which is really cool!


Artspace is an online gallery that curates the work of professional artists from around the world. They partner with galleries, publishers, and even museums to showcase some of the best up-and-coming artists and their work.

Because it is dedicated to professionals, the artwork on Artspace gets expensive. Even prints can cost upwards of a thousand dollars.


Artsper is a little different. It’s an online gallery that showcases physical galleries. If you want to shop at art galleries around the world with just a click of a button, Artsper is a great option.


The limitation with Artsper is that it’s finely curated. You won’t find up-and-coming artists making it on their own with this platform. But sometimes, you want work crafted by professionals, and Artsper provides that.


Artsy is similar to Artsper, as it’s a collection of galleries. However, Artsy also showcases work from major art fairs and auctions around the world.

This online gallery has a wide variety of contemporary painting styles. You can find figurative paintings, landscape, realism, and of course, abstract art on Artsy. For such a highly curated gallery, they do have a lot of options for less than a thousand dollars. If you’re shopping for an original abstract painting from an actual gallery but don’t want to spend a ton of money, this could be a great choice.


Sotheby’s is the premier art auction house in the world. Although this is where people go to sell their priceless pieces from art movements throughout history (Sotheby’s has been involved in the sale of important works by Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, and even Renaissance paintings!), you can also find contemporary art for sale on their website, and often for reasonable prices.

Sotheby’s currently has a few abstract pieces for sale for less than five thousand dollars. That’s in line with some of the work featured on these other websites. Much of the work featured n Sotheby’s is far more expensive, but this is where the most famous painters of our era have their art displayed. This is the best of the best. If you have the money to spare and want to buy iconic artwork, Sotheby’s should be your first stop.

Abstracts Prints for Sale

Original artwork is expensive. However, you can get amazing prints at fractions of the cost. Art prints are a great way to spice up your home & décor without spending a ton of money. You can get oversized wall art for far less than the cost of an original painting. If you shop from print-on-demand places or buy directly from the artist, you are still supporting their work, which is fantastic!


Minted is the go-to place for canvas wall art. This website partners with contemporary artists to offer amazing prints of their work for sale at reasonable prices. Much of the work available on Minted is only offered in limited edition runs – and once it’s sold out, it’s’ gone. This means that you can get exclusive work without paying outrageous prices for the original.

The abstract art for sale on minted comes in a variety of styles. There are works of abstract landscapes, geometric shapes, and even pieces that are designed to work in series of color exploration. If you are looking for abstract wall décor for less than a hundred bucks, Minted should be your top choice.

Framed Art

If you’re looking for framed abstract art prints, check out framed art. They offer a variety of abstract prints framed and ready to hang! This website is dedicated to art as a decoration, so you will get home décor ideas and inspiration for creating your perfect living space when you visit this site.

The abstract art for sale on Framed is reasonably priced – you can get a framed piece for a little over a hundred dollars. It’s nice that these prices already include the frame! I personally prefer to hang canvas wall art without a frame, but everyone has different ideas about how to decorate their homes.


Do you want a framed print of a classic masterpiece? Art.com has you covered. This website has you covered with prints from your favorite impressionism artists like Monet, surrealism artists like Dali, and of course, abstract artists like Pollack.

This website offers large wall art for dorms and home décor at reasonable prices. You can get a large art canvas (as big as 40×40!) for a little over a hundred dollars. These pieces are stretched canvas that has been digitally printed with your favorite works of art.

Purchasing Items with Abstract Art Images

Sometimes, you don’t really want abstract wall art; you want a coffee mug or a backpack with cool abstract designs. This is where the Print on Demand sites truly shine. You can buy a variety of products with awesome abstract images on them, created by real artists trying to make a living in this world. Teepublic and Redbubble are the best sites for finding awesome print-on-demand products.

Go Buy Some Amazing Abstract Art!

These galleries should have given you tons of ideas of abstract art that’s for sale and ready for you to buy. So go shopping and support some amazing artists!